DOD IG Says Pentagon in ‘Potential Noncompliance’ With Law

The Pentagon’s Acting Inspector General Sean O’Donnell dropped a bombshell on the Biden administration today.

You know all those religious exemptions the administration refused to grant?

Well, as it turns out, the IG says that may have been illegal.

Can’t Do That

We all understand that when you join the military, you pretty much sign your life away to government orders.

The COVID vaccine was a different story, however.

This was a Gen1 vaccine for a virus that was really only dangerous to the elderly and those with underlying conditions.

I am not trying to downplay COVID… I have had it three times and I know what it does to people, but younger individuals in top shape really had nothing to fear.

Even so, our military was forced to take the vaccine or risk being booted out of the service.

While religious exemptions were taken, few if any were actually granted.

The DOD IG report stated, “The denial memorandums we reviewed generally did not reflect an individualized analysis, demonstrating that the Senior Military Official considered the full range of facts and circumstances relevant to the particular religious accommodation request.”

The report goes on to say that the DOD is in “potential noncompliance” with the standards for reviewing such exemptions.

Of course, the DOD is saying that it did nothing wrong, but trhe IG also announced an audit is underway “to determine whether Military Departments are processing exemption requests for the COVID-19 vaccination and taking disciplinary actions for active duty Service members in accordance with Federal and DoD guidance.”

I always said this would come back to get Biden, and it is.

The timing of this could not be worse for Biden, who had finally gotten some momentum, but inflation, this report, and the Afghanistan report are all hitting this administration hard.

Source: Fox News

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34 Responses

  1. I am shocked…General Milley and the other RINO Generals are not in compliance with the Constitution and the law of the land !
    This issue is merely the tip of the iceberg with this bunch !

  2. What is worse, INCOMPETENCE or CORRUPTION? The answer is BOTH are COMPOUNDED EXPONENTIALLY when both are present as they are with the Enemy Within.

    America will not be America til this USURPATION OF OFFICE ENDS

  3. The vac and forcing the jab was illegal.

    All thrown out need to be reimbursed for all lost pay/benefits and allowed to return to active duty.

    A FULL apology should be made by Sec Dec and the idiot president.

      1. Hopefully you would not sue U.S
        Government. This would mean taxing every taxpayer in U.S. Do you need more taxation, not me. Government issued order not pharmaceuticals. Thank Joe.

          1. You are forgetting that the Politicians also are taking money from foreign Governments, for doing special favors. Take those moneys from them, along with the money they get from large corporations, for special favors.

  4. Biden will have to be storm troopered out by the time election come around. He does everything illegal and expects republicans to go with his regime. Soon he will or may have already taken out all his opponants. Trump us hanging in there but they will get him for jay walking at this point and you may never see him again. Dictators around the world love king biden now….

  5. This is disgraceful. What is it about this administration where they feel they can just make demands and we all bow down and comply? We get preached to about how millions of us are a “threat to democracy” and “don’t believe in the constitution”. Are you kidding me? Talk about calling the kettle black!! I am sick of being told what I can and cannot do or where I can and cannot go without a mask over my face!! It’s already been “debunked” but we are still dealing with it. What was done to our men and women in uniform is a travesty. As one person already commented: “they should all be reinstated with all back pay”….These are the people we depend on to protect and defend this country and those in charge want to throw their own weight around and show how powerful they are by forcing things on them that have no bearing on what their jobs are!!!!

    1. The problem is the lying antiAmerican traitor democrats hold the WH, senate and the house. Vote on 8 November to rid this country of all democrats, even down to the local dog catcher. democrats are the party of Satan and need to be removed from our political party system. I have never seen a more unconditional administration in my 7 decades of life. This is not the America I grew up loving and democrats are doing everything they can to destroy the United States. Vote vote vote. Please. Our country depends on our votes to save this country.

  6. This administration is run by communist sympathizers. Where is McCarthy when we need him to root out these traitors to our country!!!

  7. Try and get people to join the military after the mandates. they are getting what they want a weakened military.
    They doing the same to the police and border patrol get them so aggravated that they quit then they don’t have to defund.

  8. I agree with all of the comments above. We need to let the LORD back into our Nation and our lives. JESUS IS THE ANSWER. THE ONLY ANSWER. And the bunch “running” our country could care less about us….the people.

    1. Amen. That is the truth to a successful America. I have always believed that Bible and the US Constitution we’re the only two documents inspired and written with the direction of God.

  9. So obiden your at it again you and your commie leftist handlers remember one thing son of Satan Karma she a biatch and she comes for your regime all of them! You obiden have no right to force any thing on anybody you work for the people you are trying to fk with this 5 trillions you’ve taken since you’ve been in office not even 2 yrs you’ve ignored the signs that’s on you but we don’t forget INFLATION the Recession the tanked economy sky high food and gas prices the southern borders continued crisis the disaster that Killed 13 American soldiers because of you it’s called Afghanistan the blood of those soldiers is on your commie leftist hands for eternity you killed them obiden! Your a war criminal as sure as you pulled the trigger, your leftist thugs formerly the fbi and now those GUN toting 87000 irs goons! And pedo joe more tax dollars to the Ukraine war not America’s war! And your tech crap stay the fk out of it google, farcebookmeta, Instagram and my favorite commie owned tiktok! So commie joe here’s your Karma sinner! FJB! Let’s Go Brandon!

  10. Our military is suffering and at it’s lowest in efficiency, recruiting and training, and it is due to the illegal doings of the COVID vaccine, the idiot administration, crazy Liberals who tell them what to do, the Woke whatever, who thinks they are want to change all to their liking, and the sheep who follow these nutcases. The military should oust the radical officers, starting with Miley, and reinstate all who have been discharged due to the COVID nonsense, with backpay and clean records, and get back to doing what the military’s purpose truly is…protecting our great country and its citizens. They need to drop the WOKE crap in training and return to proper training. Pronouns will not save us.

  11. Prayers for all who want to remain unvaxxed. EVEN THE MILITARY has no right to demand someone be injected with something (especially something experimental), It endangers them, their families and their future ability to become a parent. This is a fact. These people “at the top” need to be accountable for all they have done to destroy our servicemen and women. Their lives should be treated with more respect.

  12. I have never had it and lucky for me as a vet I did not have to as I am retired. if you are healthy at whatever age your own immune system will fight it off like influenza called the flu! by the way, this so called vaccine was never tested and people who have taken it and died are showing blood clots in the veins news from the funeral homes!

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