DOJ Building Case for Obstruction Against Trump

Had Trump turned over all the documents he had when agents showed up in June, this would be a big nothing burger.

Instead, some boxes were kept with alleged classified materials.

I will be the first to admit that this looks like a calculated setup.

However, Donald Trump appears to have walked right into the trap.


After seeing the filings, we figured out how Merrick Garland will end Trump’s political aspirations.

Do I think Trump will go to jail?

Probably not, but I now believe the DOJ will charge him with obstruction.

Here is the problem…

Whoever the rat is in Trump’s camp, he told the DOJ that there were still documents in the house and that some of them had been moved.

The problem comes in that one of Trump’s attorneys signed a statement that nothing classified was left in the house.

The DOJ is now saying that Trump purposely hid classified information, not to mention the documents still in the storage area.

The likelihood of charges being filed now is probably at 70 to 80 percent, if not higher.

The DOJ language in its initial filing and the response to the Special Master request clearly make a case for obstruction.

Ryan Goodman, co-director of the Reiss Center on Law and Security at New York University School of Law, explained, “I think it strongly suggests his members of his legal team face criminal liability for their false statements to the Justice Department, which could break open the case even wider.

“There’s a reason for those lawyers to end up cooperating with the Justice Department, and attorney-client privilege would not block them from doing so if Trump used them as a conduit for committing criminal acts.”

The DOJ set the trap by only taking limited documents back in June.

Trump took the bait, and it will likely end his political career.

Source: The Hill

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55 Responses

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      2. That’s why they are doing this to Trum to hide THEIR CRIMES! Now they are being ”found out” Time to ”drain the swamp”!


  1. That Democratic party will do ANYTHING to keep Trump from running for anything. I’ve never seen an opposing party hate a sitting President so much. It’s very unfortunate. The situation in America has gotten so bad I do wish Trump had won.

    1. I wrote a long comment, in agreement, but the Conservative Journal Review wouldn’t post it. Nothing slanderous or rude.

    2. That’s O.K. with me !! Keep Trump off the ballot. Let DeSantis win, take the House back, and have the House name Trump the Speaker of the House……the position does not require the speaker to be a House Member !!! THEN WATCH THE SH_T HIT THE FAN !!!!!! Can you say “Impeach, Impeach, Impeach” ???? Sure you can !!!

    3. The Democrats are scared of him because he started uncovering their corrupt activities and they don’t want him to uncover all their corruption!

      1. We all know the election was stolen but why are the Democraps allowed to get away with it??? If they got away with it once they will surely do it again and again. The Democraps need to be stopped by any means possible and legal.

    4. President Trump did WIN in 2020 Election. It was stole & Soros need too be arrested for interference in our Elections like Alaska’s Election. I hope there is an investigation into the so call new law that appear Soros OK????

    5. You must not be very old David K. – the democrats attempted this very same thing with Nixon and at least he was good enough for the sake of the country at the time to resign. His legacy will probably never reflect his deep love of this country – so much so that he gave all he had for the country. Trump may be a difficult guy to take down but the sick liberals are doing the same things they would have continued with Nixon had he fraught like Trump is. I hope Trump STOMPS THE GUTS OUT OF THESE ANTI-USA ENTITIES. THEY DESERVE TO BE TAKEN TO THE NEXT WORLD…


    6. He did win. The evil demoRATS stole the election. They are going to pay for it someday. I hope they like hot.

  2. The Left has been out to get Trump ever since the day he got the nomination.They will never stop lieing and cheating till they destroy America completely.Hillary and Obama started the lie of “Russian colusion” on day one.They are the ones who should be in prison. the only thing Trump is guilty of is not being a Communist.

  3. I wonder how Biden after 50 years
    in politics has no possible bad deeds
    to investigate.!!!!
    He should be the one INVESTIGATED!!!!!!!!!!!!
    He should be IMPEACHED for not following
    our Constitution or fixing anything!!!!
    He seems to be trying to fix problems he created!!!
    And this is great—right?????

    The expense to pound Trump for 6 years has
    to be high & for what purpose????

    How they can still be looking for a crime Trump
    committed while they are allowing Biden crimes to
    be pushed under the rug!!

    1. This has more to do with NWO and the satanic elite. Ask yourself why these people want God and Christ out of our country!! We are at the end of the church age…just a short time left. The Anti Christ is among us. Now is the time to give your life to Christ Jesus if you haven’t already.

      1. Amen , and we all need to pray for America and ask GOD to get that evil trash out if our government . We all stand togather before GOD and ask HIM , HE will make this American mess go away

  4. This crooked FBI and DOJ probably planted many files for him to take and more during the illegal, unconstitutional raid in order to keep trying to take the best US President ever, out of government. Because they are afraid he would finish making this country great, as he names more crooks in the government

    1. They did. When they took some boxes, they left some, setting him up. They also threw those papers the tv is showing on the floor and said Trump did it. Liars. By the way, how do you think Biden and all the other rich people got that way? They are afraid their cookies will be taken away with an honest president.

  5. Yea I think this is a set up!!!
    The Democrats and Biden an garland
    Will cheat lie and steal to stop trump from running . They are trying to destroy this man. We can not let this happen.
    We must vote republican in midterm and
    Put a stop to this Nonsense. Jw

  6. The Dummicrats are EVIL!!! Look at Everyyhing they had to do yo beat Trump!! Lie.. manipulate commit Fraud! They want to Hurt our children! How can any of this be tolerated!! They had us all locked up Shem we shouldn’t have end! They created this vivid crap and hot away eith it!! They engage in pedaphilia towards children! They are liars cheaters snakes and as Evil as Satan himself!!! Hod help us all of they hurt Trump and his family!! Hunter Biden you Suck!! Biden your awful! You will Never be my President!Ever!! God Help Us All and our Beautiful country!! I feel terrible for our children and grandchildren!!

  7. So if they ban Trump from running for Presidency, I guess we will have to settle for DeSantis! That would not be bad, I actually had hope DeSantis would team up with Trump as VP for four years and then DeSantis could run for the Presidency after Trump left, we as a nation would have 12 years of sanity! I know my IRA accounts went up under Trump’s term after many years of stagnancy, but all those gains disappeared with Sleepy Joe in the White House!

      1. Yes, it is time to start fight against corrupted , criminals in government .Instead to govern they start to destroying America and people , stealing money from dissent working people and giving themselves billions, to illegals billions , to another countries billions and we can not manage to buy food for us and our children Enough is enough. Time to strike.

  8. The majority of our career politicians are so corrupt. They cannot afford to let someone “drain the swamp” if one is ever prosecuted they would start falling like dominos. The system needs to be replaced and limits put on how much money an be spent on these
    Re-election campaigns!!

  9. G mcconway is an a****** you are anti-trump and you should not be allowed to write anything decently about this man because you don’t know him you’re speculative and your anti-trump so f*** you you piece of s*** Auntie American

  10. I for one gree with Lindsey Graham’s thoughts on what would likely happen if Trump were indicted. The whole thing is only designed to ruin conservative values in America and destroy the America First agenda. They want total control over everything we do and say. How’s that any different than the CCP? Nothing like a compromised POTUS.

  11. I hope the FBI brags about setting President Trump up loudly and clearly. A person is not guilty of a crime if, by entrapment, his conduct is induced or solicited by a government officer or employee, or agent of either, for the purpose of obtaining evidence to be used in prosecuting the person for the commission of the crime.

  12. Sure is taking them a long time to “plant” their evidence that they will use against President Trump. After all
    they made sure that they did not allow anyone to watch nor know what they stole from President Trump’s
    residence and they even tried to insure that there were not video recording made either. That way they
    can claim that “fubar biden idiots” were able to plant, swap out or contaniminate the so called evidence they
    will try to use to against President Trump and also to steal any evidence that would implicate their corruption
    and dereliction of office in the Election or the Jan 6 riots they were involved in.

  13. This whole country is in turmoil from lies told by our leaders both the last president Trump, and present one Biden.
    There are too many power hungry individuals in our present political system mostly career politicians it’s all about them not the people supposedly represent.
    Not sure how to do it but need to go back to the original constitution and start over and make this a country OF THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE, AND BY THE PEOPLE!! That is for everyone not only a select group. As it was intended to be from beginning. Neither Biden nor Trump are the power people as only power have can veto a proposed law change made by our illustrious Congressional and Senatorial delegation. So maybe we need to start making some changes in our legislative group to take us back to where we were !!!!!

  14. look at the people who are trying to crucify President Trump they are the same people who
    crucified someone else because they didn’t want him in their life also.

  15. Put all the corrupt democrats on a bus with Biden hunter Pelosi Schumer sanders Clinton’s DOJ that thinks they are God and Barr shift push ‘‘em over a

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