DOJ Charges 11 with Seditious Conspiracy, Including Oath Keepers Founders

Democrats may be one step closer to being able to block Donald Trump from running for office again.

Several days ago, we posted that to this point, no rioters had been charged with insurrection or sedition.

That all changed this week when the DOJ announced charges against 11 individuals, including the founder of the Oath Keepers.

Changes Everything

For those of you not familiar with the Oath Keepers, these are some bad dudes.

For the most part, the organization is made up of ex-military (many of them special forces veterans) and first responders.

These are highly trained individuals capable of some serious sh**, ready to take up arms at a given moment to prevent government overreach and violations of the Constitution.

Now, make no mistake about it, if our full military were unleashed, the Oath Keepers would not stand a chance.

However, all things being equal on a battlefield, these guys could do some real damage.

The group’s founder, Steward Rhodes, has now been indicted on sedition conspiracy charges, along with 10 others.

The challenge for Democrats now will be to link any of these individuals to anyone in Trump’s camp and, by default, Trump.

Of course, the DOJ also has to be able to prove these charges, which will not be easy.

That is the endgame here… if they can attach Trump to sedition or insurrection charges, they can possibly block him from running.

Do you think the DOJ will be able to prosecute this case successfully?

Do you think they will then go after Trump?

Tell us in the comments section below.

Source: Fox News

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43 Responses


  2. It is easier to link Biden & Harris & possibly other democrats to anarchists blm ANTIFA insurrectionists than Trump to oath keepers. They did it in the open & dinsted to there bail funds. Still waiting for their arrests for rioting in 2020 & attack on WH & capitol. Than you have Pelosi who refused security

    1. This is outlandish, the Democratic demons from HELL would rather destroy this great country for their own selfish, corrupt, greedy, power hungry illogical reasons then to give Donald Trump the respect he deserves for policies he put into place “That Made America Great” for everyone, regardless of the BS spin the mainstream & social media placed on him all the agreegous lies they told about President Trump, admittedly after the mush brain was in office by CNN. This is by far the biggest theft and betrayal that has ever been committed against the American people.


    1. I agree with you, William. Unfortunately, there is no way any Democrat, BLM pieces of garbage, Antifa thugs, or “independent” Bernie Sanders will ever be held accountable for their rhetoric. Until, and if, We the STUPID People of the United States of America turn this country back around at the ballot box.

      1. I agree with all of you but these dems get away with everything. Its like their untouchable and everybody is afraid to have the guts to do a damn thing. My opinion is these dems have something on these people like blackmail, threatening to go after their family, pay them off so as too keep their mouth shut or threaten them with their lives. So who will have the guts to take them down? These people are so corrupt, evil, murderers and the list goes on. Also they will do anything to keep President Trump from running again and yet some of these people are so STUPID they believe what the dems tell them and now look what has happened to our country they are destroying it by committing Treason. Well like they say “You can’t fix Stupid”. I think and feel that there will be a Civil War soon. We the People have had enough of this President and his administration!!!!!!!

    2. yes, when it became obvious that his supporters were losing …. hopefully drumpf will receive the adulation he seeks in hell.

      1. I really feel sorry for you people that can’t get over Trump. You guys have a real problem you’re sick in the freaking head for one thing and you need help. And the people that put Biden in office you guys are going to pay just like all the rest of us you haven’t accomplished one damn thing but to ruin our country.

        1. Fraud put Biden in office and he has systematically destroyed our country, or do you like 7% inflation, being overrun by illegals, having our energy independence destroyed (like that $5.00+ per gallon gas), being out of work because you won’t take a deadly experimental drug handing $85 billion in arms to an enemy (treason). It isn’t Trump we cannot get over – it is having a lying, pedophile, communist signing everything he can to put us under the CCP and WEF dominance.

  4. All the treasonous radical Dems
    need do is file a charge. Once that’s done, they’ll string the case
    out interminably-as they did to Trump for FOUR YEARS! Doesn’t
    matter if guilty, just get him in Court, and their deed is done!

  5. The constitutional amendment that prevents someone from running for office if involved in insurrection, also states that 2/3 of Congress (both houses) can override the amendment.

  6. Before going after the eleven they need to go after antifa and BLM and the higher uppers who allowed them to commit to their crimes they are the terrorist

  7. How many pictures of Pelosi’s son in law with these people. 1 right outside capitol on Jan 6 with horn guy & many others with minimum him.

  8. Whatever the Dems accuse someone of that is what they themselves are doing…they have no ethics, no shame, no soul, they just love power. Time for 84 million to vote them the heck out. Then we can file charges of sedition and treason on them, beauc they are truly guilty of it as they have made a joke of the balance of power, checks and balances, and due process by not following the Constitution.

    1. Actually drumpf, the lying grifter and liar from hell, without ethics, without shame, soulless lover of power should just go back to hell for a personal tete-a-tete with Satan. They have so much more in common.

      1. Are you talking about Trump or pedijoe and his hoe….
        Talk about two people who are as immoral as they come. And libturds and demonrats pick on Trump. Look in the mirror!

  9. All the destruction in 2020 and no one held accountable. I still believe FBI and Pelosi were responsible for what happened at Capitol. FBI agent spouting they should storm the building. Funny the guy on camera is being protected by FBI. Pelosi and company knew what was gonna happen days before it happened.

  10. Every law abiding Republican needs to call for MERRICK GARLANDS RESIGNATION OR IMPEACHMENT Now. Ots time to take him out on his treasonous acts against American people he needs to go to federal prison for being bought and paid for by George Soros

  11. The Brandenburg v. Ohio U.S. Supreme Court decision maintains that seditious speech—including speech that constitutes an incitement to violence—is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution

  12. Don’t trust Doj, Cia, or Gestapo Fbi…
    They don’t work for American citizens….
    They work for nazi gestapo control freaks
    …………………..DEMORATS …….

  13. When the actual perpetrators (Democrat Congress leaders) get charged and jailed accordingly for the riots by terrorists (BLM & ANTIFA) in our major cities, then I MIGHT support penalties for 1-6-21!
    As I see it, Pelosi and henchmen are at fault for 1-6-22. They promoted violence (Maxine Waters especially) because they wanted to blame Trump for all the pissed off AMERICANS who are sick and tired of the abuse we are taking from this administration.
    How much damage did the Democrats cause by their refusal to act for America? I’ve seen repatedly the damage is in the billions and 1-6-22 had some broken windows which the fake news claims was in the millions. Talk about fabricating a story!!!

  14. The democrats are at it again. They blame Trump for all the dirty deeds they do. That has been the democrats MO for the last several years. Everything they do is dirty tricks and they either blame Trump or the Republicans but mostly Trump. The only way to get this country back on even footing is to vote all of the democrats out of office. Then some real Americans can put everything back under control.

  15. Only if they have “liars” like Schiff and his crew. Pelosi should answer “Why” she did not want the National Guard there. This is a vendetta that is destroying the legal process established by the Constitution and all ethics of law.

  16. Everyone in this recent admin. Is lying because thats what they do best! They cannot stand to lose so they cheat, twist things to their liking and because they don’t get fired, imprisonment, they get away with all. How anyone could of voted for ole Joe is beyond me, he has been a coward, liar, cheat from the beginning, Trump is not perfect but then who is, its not a perfect world but the idiot we have now thinks he has it made, time will tell, GO TRUMP

  17. It is really funny how one person THE DONALD can has these evil sick workers of the devil pieces of crap running around like dogs with rabies trying to stop this man who has not sold his sole to the devil and I think it is going to come down to a blood bath to take these filthy dogs out

  18. As usual, the guilty are trying to blame someone else for their crimes. Time to move on. This admin needs to do something constructive instead of continuous destruction.

  19. “Seditious Conspiracy” ????? What a joke !!!!!!!!!!!! By the PRETEND “STANDARDS” of the Jan 6th witch-hunt, Pelosi should be TRIED, CONVICTED, DRAWN AND QUARTED for HER crimes !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. The American people are really tired of the democrats blowing our hard earned money on their ridiculous, never ending witch hunts. There was a handful of Trump supporters that caused any destruction or violence. We the people need lawyers to investigate our government. They have sold out America! They are stealing from America! They are now prosecuting Americans because we don’t want their kind in AMERICAN GOVERNMENT!

  21. No, the liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical ticks are closer, yet, to the 2nd American Civil War.
    This one will be merciless and will leave no liberal scum alive to have to worry about.

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