DOJ Considering Special Counsel if Trump Runs for President

Merrick Garland and his “Justice” Department are getting ready to deal with a possible Trump candidacy.

With all the irons they have in the fire against Trump, Garland is now considering a Special Counsel to continue the probes.

In his eyes, it will be deemed less political if they go that route rather than having the DOJ continue to pursue these cases.

Rumors Starting

Rumors were flying today regarding Trump and a possible run.

From what I have seen, Trump is eyeing somewhere around November 14 for a possible announcement.

If that is the case, Garland is going to have to indict him right after the election or hand this off.

If he were to indict Trump deep in the campaign, it would 100 percent be deemed a political attack.

The problem for Garland is that if he indicts and does not get a win, he will have an entire omelet on his face.

Then this entire mess does become a political attack.

A swing and a miss will only energize Trump and his base, then Democrats will really be in trouble.

The DOJ may have a secret weapon, however, as Kash Patel has agreed to come in after being granted immunity.

He is reportedly going to testify on the handling of documents by Trump after leaving the White House.

Patel has enjoyed the support of Trump’s base but if he betrays Trump, you better believe that support will dry up rather quickly.

Source: New York Post