Donald Trump Gives Pennsylvania Voters Huge Tip – WOW

Donald Trump has a HUGE warning for the people of Pennsylvania:

Fetterman is NOT fit.

Of course Trump is going to stump for his fellow television star Dr. Oz, but the choice is pretty easy when Mehmet’s opponent is a lunk like Fetterman.

“Oz is a very good man who wants to debate and Fetterman is actually somebody that always got a lot of votes, but now he’s not the same person,” Trump began.

Donald was sitting down with “Just the News, No Noise.”

“The people of Pennsylvania need somebody that’s going to be out there and making a case for Pennsylvania, whether it’s energy — which by the way, the Democrats have killed the energy industry in Pennsylvania, and obviously, Texas, and Oklahoma and every other place,” Trump said.

“But you look at what’s happened with what they’ve done to jobs and Fetterman cannot go and do it effectively. And Oz is a very capable guy.”

Trump was referring to both the fact that Fetterman is a Democrat and the fact that Fetterman is not physically fit enough to do what needs to be done.

Fetterman suffered a stroke in May.

Donald doesn’t think that Republicans will win just Pennsylvania, instead he’s pretty confident that Republicans will win almost all of their races.

“The Republicans have a big advantage on crime. I mean, how can you not have a big advantage when you look at defund the police,” Trump concluded. “These people (Democrats) still want, and they still talk about defunding the police. So I think it really should be very good for Republicans.”

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