Doocy Gets KJP Spinning on Gasoline Prices

All summer long, all we heard about was the wonderful job Joe Biden was doing in bringing down gasoline prices.

This, of course, was a lie, as I have well documented.

Now that prices are going back up, Fox News Peter Doocy wants to know if Joe will take the blame.

Not Joe’s Fault

Karine Jean-Pierre has a really interesting take on this.

By that I mean she is full of sh**.

Watch the exchange, then I will chime in…

In reality, prices went down because demand went down, as I have stated before.

I also predicted that as soon as summer was over, prices would go back up, and they are.

The fact that KJP even had the guts to tout a decrease when prices were still 50 percent higher than they were when Biden took office is a complete joke.

You cannot take the credit ONLY when things are improving, which is what she is trying to do.

By the time Biden leaves office, we will all be lucky if, collectively, we have two pennies to rub together.

Source: The Blaze