Trump Backed Maryland Candidate Down 22 Points in First Poll

Donald Trump celebrated the win by Dan Cox in the Maryland gubernatorial race.

That victory will be short-lived.

With less than two months until election day, Cox trailed his opponent by 22 points.

Embarrassing Loss

I can say confidently that Cox could be one of Trump’s worst and most embarrassing losses in the general election.

Democrat Wes Moore is polling at 53 percent, while Cox has an embarrassing 31 percent support.

This race would appear to be over before it gets started.

I say this because 69 percent of voters are set on their candidate in the poll.

Maryland is more than likely going to be completely blue in this election.

Mileah Kromer, the director of the Sarah T. Hughes Center for Politics at Goucher College, predicts a clean sweep by Democrats.

Kromer added, “Moore is viewed favorably by a majority of state voters, and perceptions of his mix of progressive and moderate politics aligns with how many Maryland voters view themselves.”

Cox, on the other hand, is a strong MAGA candidate who says the 2020 election was stolen.

That does not exactly mix with a moderate or progressive base, not to mention that the current Republican governor has already shunned Cox.

That is not the end of the bad news for Cox, either.

His campaign coffers are just about empty, with last report showing only $200,000 on hand.

His opponent has $1.4 million, so Moore can saturate the airwaves with advertising while Cox can make maybe one small push.

Like I said… this race is over.

Source: The Hill

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