Downward Trend Continues for Biden Approval Rating

Another major poll has released its results and again, Joe Biden is in a nosedive.

In this month’s Monmouth Poll, Biden dropped yet again, showing a 20-point tailspin since taking office.

While Biden is still above water in that poll, he is hanging on by a thread.

+24 to +4

The Monmouth poll is one of the polls that had Biden at a ridiculous approval rating when he first took office.

He was showing a +24 overall in approval vs. disapproval.

That margin has now shrunk to +4, showing a 20-point drop in the space of only six months.

Biden still enjoys a positive rating among minority voters, but the margins are shrinking as well, putting Democrats in a real bind come 2022 Election Day.

Biden continues to struggle on both the economy and the border.

Now that COVID is starting to surge again, he will take a major hit unless he figures out how to spin this against Republicans.

Actually, that narrative has somewhat started already, with Democrats blaming the unvaccinated for the rise in positive rates, but that strategy could also backfire.

Dems keep pointing at Trump supporters and Republicans for resistance to the vaccine, but recent reports show a large contingent of minorities and younger voters that are some of the biggest pockets of unvaccinated.

Republicans could blitz media buys with that information, saying that Biden has turned on them by blaming them for the outbreak.

Regardless, if we get back to restrictions, school closings, and possible lockdowns, it’s over for Biden and Democrats.

Source: Daily Caller

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17 Responses

    1. I personally do not think Biden’s approval rating is as high as this poll reports. I have not spoken with anyone that approves of Biden’s agenda. With higher prices on almost everything, how can anyone support this?

  1. THIS “CREEP” is the PRESIDENT the DEMWITTS came up with along with his WRECK OF A VP, the world is LAUGHING OUT LOAD NOW, can you hear them yet!! And then you have PELOSI and SCHUMMER and all those OTHER CREEPS Waters, AOC, SHIFLESS, Swallwell, Durbin, Pressley, Omar, etc a TRUE CLOWN CAR of representatives in DC!!!!

    1. Hey Amen to That ! ………………… Clean The Swamp !…Biden Harris,Pelosi, Chuck Schumer! AND …. The SQUAD !! Clean the Swamp! Can’t say it Enough!

  2. Come on joe has no idea about these polls. He has no idea about anything. Just a trained monkey being told what to say and do. Obama is doing these disrespectful disgusting things to America. Obama hates America but loves the money and limelight he gets even when he does he’s lying. Thank you voters your stupidity has no bounds.

    1. It wasn’t so much the voters, and the Democrats voter fraud. How many absentee ballots came out of the cemeteries, Mexico, and multiple ballots that came from nowhere?

  3. Dem’s are blaming Trump supporters, when Biden is letting hundreds of thousands of UN-vaccinated illegal rodents into this country every day. All Democrats want to do is screw America and blame it on Trump. Time to clean house before Biden ruins this country permanently.

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  5. The rating should be a lot lower. More like in the negative. Way to much. Spending for pet projects, but saying it is for the citizens. Immigrants and illegals should be payed by their own countrys. Democrats are putting the citizens in danger. He and Harris should be impeached

  6. I think the Democrats are going to try and spread the Wuhan virus hysteria again ,they need to re -muddy the waters before the next election cycle

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