Dr. Fauci Loses All Respectability After Holding New York Up as Ideal Example

Over the last week, Dr. Fauci has made numerous statements that have started to create the belief he is purposely undermining President Trump.

Dr. Fauci, sadly, is covering his misstatements from early on in the pandemic with excuses and the media is buying into it wholesale.

On Friday, though, Dr. Fauci went way too far, and it will be very hard for anyone to take Fauci seriously after hearing these remarks.

During an interview with PBS News Hour, Dr. Fauci applauded the efforts of New York as the perfect example of how to manage the virus.

This is rather astonishing considering the virus ran rampant in New York and still accounts for more than 22 percent of all deaths in the country from the virus.

While other states have managed to reopen and are having surges in cases, death rates in these other states do not come close to what New York faced.

Governor Cuomo also put a nursing home rule in place that is believed to have directly resulted in the deaths of thousands of elderly New Yorkers.

For all intents and purposes, New York is still relatively shut down, so who knows what will happen once businesses start to reopen.

Considering the filth in New York City, it is a fairly safe assumption that Fauci’s statements were a bit premature.

Let’s see how New York fares once the state begins to reopen and it sees another surge.

You can see Dr. Fauci’s full interview on PBS.org.

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