Dr. Fauci Says India Needs to ‘Shut down temporarily’ Amid COVID Surge

In hindsight, most of us would probably agree that the months-long shutdown of this country was devasting and unnecessary 

We might concede that the initial two-week pause was needed to get a grip on things, but beyond that, it was just not worthwhile in the overall scheme of things.  

The shutdown has caused thousands of small business owners to go bankrupt, as well as adding a mountain of debt for U.S. taxpayers both personally and for our government.  

We have seen other nations that managed to deal with the pandemic without ever missing a day and numbers are on par or better than our numbers.  

India is now seeing a massive surge of COVID, and Fauci believes that the only way to deal with the surge is to lock down the country.  

He stated, “It just seems to me that, right now, India is in a very difficult and desperate situation. 

“You should think of this, in some respects, like a war. The enemy is the virus. So, you know where the enemy is.  

“So, I would make it almost like wartime because it’s an emergency.” 

“We know that when China had this big explosion a year ago, they completely shut down. And if you shut down, you don’t have to shut down for six months.  

“You can shut down temporarily to put an end to the cycle of transmission.” 

That last statement is almost comical, however, as Fauci was among those pushing to keep our country closed when Trump was in office.  

Funny how those narrative changes when Fauci likes the occupant of the White House.  

Source: Washington Examiner 

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6 Responses

  1. Fauci is a liar and hater of the United States of America! He is getting richer and richer by the hour and the heck with the true Americans! He needs to be stopped!

  2. All those responsible for this INTENTIONAL covid Plandemic need to be arrested and tried for crimes against humanity! This was a deliberate and PLANNED event to bring the peoples of the world to their knees. 4 years ago, John’s Hopkins, Bill Gates, and the Rockefeller Foundation drafted a plan Called “SPARS 2025-2028” depicting a so-called fictional Pandemic for the supposed purpose of getting all parties together to plan how they would handle a “supposed” pandemic. This so-called “fictional” 77-page report has been implemented by them and we are being subjected to this “Plandemic” almost action for action, mirroring the 4-year-old publication.
    This is the smoking gun proving that this entire insidious attack upon the world was totally pre-planned and launched to promote the genocide of most of the peoples of planet Earth, for depopulation. ALL responsible for this treachery need to be arrested, brought before a world tribunal, and tried for their crimes. This plot was discovered and brought to light by Alex Jones. A well-known crusader for human rights and the truth!

  3. We have two Idiots , , liars , non doctors and traitors wanting to be in charge of a situation way over their heads . Would have typed the whole of the ignorance of the both of them but do not want to crash the internet with too much information at once . If a few die while getting herd immunity , so be it . It is the way to go , period . We true non doctor people have way more of a sense of the proper way to handle this . Prez Bidet ( not a misprint but French for a toilet ) needs a lot of sense to be beaten in his brain if it is even possible along with fellow liar Fakie .

  4. Now he tells India to lockdown?? Why Cant Indias chief MD order such?
    Out of his league
    & notice NO WHO on scene for India.
    Way off Fauci

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