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Dr. Fauci Undercuts White House Estimates of Vaccine Production

These days, even when Dr. Fauci agrees with the administration, he has to temper his announcement for fear of being touted as a Trump lackey.

In this case, even though Dr. Fauci agreed with administration officials that we will a huge stockpile of vaccines by early 2021, his estimates were far more conservative than the numbers the administration released.

While Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar predicted hundreds of millions of vaccines early in the year, Fauci stated that we will likely have tens of millions of doses, with the possibility of having more than one billion by the end of 2021.

Operation Warp Speed

Early on in the pandemic, President Trump took measures to ensure that vaccines would be fast-tracked through every stage of production.

To that point, the parts are already in place to ensure production rates will be increased dramatically as soon as a valid vaccine is ready.

It is a fairly safe assumption that we will see quantities of vaccine produced that we have never seen before in the pharma industry.

Dr. Fauci stated, “The federal government has put more than one egg in the basket.

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“We have a pretty comprehensive portfolio that’s going to subsequently be going into clinical trials.”

Vaccine Coming Soon

The sooner a vaccine gets here, the sooner we all get to resume a normal life.

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Businesses can reopen and social distancing will hopefully become a thing of the past, although we would expect some precautions to remain in place, especially during the early stages of the deployment of the vaccine.

It would also not be a real surprise to see air travel continue to require masks because of the enclosed nature.

Even with the pressure to deliver a vaccine, Dr. Fauci stated its development will not fall into the trap of becoming politicized.

There are now several possible candidates to go into production, but it will depend on how they perform during the next stage.

Dr. Fauci stated, “All of them look pretty good.

“The proof of the pudding is the randomized placebo-controlled trial.”

Source: New York Post

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