Dr. Oz Goes on the Offensive Against Fetterman

Mehmet Oz has been getting rocked by John Fetterman in the Pennsylvania Senate race.

Oz, at least in my opinion, was a weak candidate to begin with, so he could not afford to allow Democrats and Fetterman to keep lobbing bombs at him.

Finally, with only three months left, he is turning up the heat to expose Fetterman for what he really is.

Lots of Ground

Fetterman has a massive lead in PA.

Is it so big that Oz cannot come back?

Well, I would never say never, but my hopes are not high for a win in PA.

You have to start somewhere, though, and Oz picked a good place to begin his attack.

Oz hit Fetterman on his policies and record supporting sanctuary cities and criminal justice reforms.

Fetterman, however, countered by saying the claims are all false, and PolitiFact obliged by rating the claims made in the ads as “mostly false.”

Fetterman has since appealed to local TV stations to stop running the ads based on this rating.

Source: The Hill

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4 Responses

  1. What a crook! Let’s send illegals to Pennsylvania under the ‘sanctuary city’s designation and call Fetterman’s hand. Flood those ‘blue’s states with illegals!

  2. Quite an idea Adela- let those with the money and rescources support illegals rather than old folks and children who have no home…best scenario is to change “management” ie the FEDERAL and LOCAL leadership!!! Due diligence on deciding whom to mark your vote for…RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH each and EVERY one on your ballot!!!

  3. F oz, why TF did Trump endorse him? he will be a back stabber, he already is…he is distancing himself from Trump

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