Former Virginia Election Official Charged with Corruption in 2020 Election

Yet another 2020 election problem is seemingly getting brushed under the rug by officials.

Ex-Prince William County voter registrar Michele White has been charged with two felony counts regarding the 2020 election.

Even so, the Office of Elections states that her conduct “did not impact the outcome of any election contest.”

Another Corrupt Official

If you recall, White suddenly resigned last year without any explanation.

The charges were announced on Wednesday by Attorney General Jason Miyares.

The only real clarification was that White’s successor discovered the conduct.

Miyares’ office stated, “Many improvements and best practices have been adopted to ensure a safe and transparent voting experience for the voters of Prince William County.”

The only real information we have regarding the crimes is that the criminal conduct occurred somewhere between August and December 2020.

I have lost count of officials and voting issues that have been discovered since the outcome of the 2020 election was announced.

However, every time one of these reports shows up, it always seems to be accompanied by the statement that it “did not impact” the election outcome.

The good news is that elections finally seem to be getting cleaned up.

That will have to remain our solace, however, as it does not appear that we will ever get a straight answer as to what happened during the 2020 election.

Source: Just the News

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