Ella Emhoff Goes Topless on New York Runway

Kamala Harris’ stepdaughter will be the topic of discussion during Harris’ next press conference.

Ella Emhoff, who only got this gig because of her name, decided to take a bit of a risk during New York Fashion Week.

Ella donned a miniskirt, a scarf, and nothing else.

Risky Move

I am not sure what genius created this outfit, but I really don’t see anyone wearing something like this out on the street.

The other thought that is coming to mind right now is all the flak that Melania Trump took for being a model who posed nude, then being the first lady.

Granted, the second daughter is far different from the first lady, but it is in a close enough realm that we have to start wondering when we will start to hear some outrage.

Here are the pictures that have created the buzz…

Since landing her modeling gig, Emhoff has been representing British luxury fashion brand Mulberry.

She has been the face of the brand in New York, even getting herself a mural in SoHo.

What do you think? Should the second daughter be going topless in fashion shows or are you more upset at the difference in how she and Melania are treated?

Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: New York Post

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