US Women’s Soccer Loses, Ends 44-Game Win Streak

One of the more controversial US Olympic teams just took a brutal loss.

The US Women’s Soccer team had won 44 straight games heading into its first match of the Tokyo Olympics, and that is where the streak will end.

The United States Olympians were stunned 3-0 by Sweden.

This is a team that has had ample distraction over the last few years… from the anti-Trump statements to the anthem protests to the controversy over equal pay of the US Men’s team.

This was their chance to put all that aside and hush their doubters, but they failed.

Their gold hopes are far from over, but this team will now be under the microscope the rest of the way.

If they fail to bring home gold, you better believe the trolls will be standing by to unleash on them.

Source: Fox News

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11 Responses

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  1. To focused on politics something they have no idea about. they got what they deserved. SAD, SAD, SAD. They represented a great country and disrespected it. Pay back.

      1. Glad they list! They hate America and American flag! They deserve to lose! They need to move out of USA! Then bet they would appreciate America! Boooo to Americans hater that won’t respect our flag and our hero’s that have died for this country!!!!

  2. Karma/ GOOD FOR SWEDEN! Disrespect & soooooooooooooooooooo political left -anti American. Hope they nloose the whole thing! I used to donate to the olymic teams, but NOT anymore, disrespect for the country that has supported you for years!

  3. This is what happens when you hate the country you are representing. Lackluster performance and we’re supposed to believe that this is the best that our country could come up with? I’m sure we can do better w/another team-certainly not this team of losers. If your heart isn’t in it don’t expect to win. Please move to another country if you feel the USA is not good enough for you. You certainly are not good enough for us.

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