Rep. McCaul: Interpreters Being Executed by Taliban

Only a fool would believe the story the Biden administration is putting forward regarding the Afghanistan withdrawal.

The situation may be far worse than what we thought, however.

According to Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX), the interpreters who were supposed to leave the country are now getting executed by the Taliban.

McCaul stated, “The interpreters, who worked with our Special Forces, they are gone.

“The Taliban will not allow them to leave.

“These are the guys who worked right with our special forces.

“The Taliban views them as the worst of the worse because they betrayed, in their view, their country and they worked with the infidel.”

CNN host Wolf Blitzer then asked him, “So, you think they’re going to be stuck?

“They’re never going to get out?”

McCaul replied, “They’re already being executed.

“We’re already getting stories of families and interpreters being executed by the Taliban.”

This is all news that should be coming from the White House, but this administration has clearly decided to turn the page.

Source: Newsmax

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16 Responses

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  3. Too late now. That well-known country of Taliban, those kind-hearted religious figures, they have already executed those Afghans that worked with the US. And anybody else they can find that is related to Satan’s lair (our country). Great job Crazy Joe. Thanks for putting domestic terrorist attacks back on the radar too, as well as getting citizens and friends executed.

  4. Hey Joe, how much did you and your family make on the Surrender To the Taliban? Was Hunter the negotiator? Did they sell some “ART PIECES” to them for the $85 Billion in ARMY SURPLUS EQUIPMENT? Or did you go thru a CHINESE BROKER? We ALL know that you got something for it unless you really truly are NUTS!

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  5. The blood from all these people are on Biden’s, Camel Toe’s, Pelosi’s, Schumer’s, AOC’s, all the Radical, Satanic, Demonic”s Hands

  6. The blood is on your hands Biden, Pelosi, Harris, and all your goons….. Can’t wait till karma finds you evil people and settles the score….

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