Kemp and Warnock Extend Their Leads in Respective Races

Over the last few weeks, we have seen a very hard trend in the Georgia election.

There is both good news and bad news.

Governor Kemp is starting to stretch his lead.

Unfortunately, so is Senator Warnock (D-GA).

Races Defined

The new Fox News poll has Kemp leading Abrams 50-43, so he has gained a few points here.

Warnock has now stretched his lead back out to five points over Herschel Walker.

Walker has made some considerable mistakes down the stretch.

While the race is far from over, Walker is going to need a huge performance in their debate or the fat lady will be singing soon.

Abrams has disappeared as of late, so I don’t know if she is saving it up for a big attack or just resigned herself to losing and preparing her voter suppression speech.

Her allies have already started to say there is now poll suppression, so this one is going to be fun when it’s over.

Source: The Hill