More than 47,000 Released Migrants Fail to Report to ICE

We all knew this was going to happen.

Biden’s new catch-and-release program is an epic failure.

To that point, reports are breaking right now that more than 47,000 migrants released by the administration have failed to check in with ICE.

We Warned You…

This is like the COVID surge we are seeing in this country right now.

Just about everyone in the nation saw this coming except for Joe Biden.

When it became clear that Biden was putting catch and place into effect, we all knew more would probably fail to report than report.

Our suspicions were correct.

Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) sent a letter to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) demanding answers.

Of the 104,171 migrants released and issued appearance notices, 47,705 failed to check in.

There were still 6,607 that had not checked in, but they were still within the 60-day window.

That report stretched over a five-month period, which puts us on a pace to have more than 100,000 migrants that were in custody that have now disappeared into the country’s interior.

That is a pretty staggering number and an obvious cause for concern.

This will undoubtedly ramp up pressure from Republicans against the administration to demand more transparency and better control of the border.

We simply cannot afford to have this many illegals roaming free within our border.

What do you think of these numbers of illegals that are disappearing?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Source: Fox News

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28 Responses

    1. These criminals that Biden is inviting and putting up like royalty have no problem with killing, raping and torturing others, exactly what the team/democrats wants for the civil war.

  1. Dem don’t care about America that pay there wages I say do not pay government let them help allthese folks that are coming in to this country out of there pockets see what happens then

  2. Deputize Biden and send him out to round up all those that have not reported. He needs to be held personally responsible for each and every one he allowed into our country.

  3. Looks like the Dims plan worked just the way they planned it. 47,000 and the 400,000 newly born “citizens” will secure our country being run by idiots in the near and far future. There is no accountability in this country if you are a Democrat, only if you are a Republican. The Democrats have sold their souls to the devil. How could we sink to such level.

  4. June is right. Every Republican should refuse to pay their taxes for 2 years and tell the Democrats to fund thier own disasters. We know its not 47k. It will soone be 5 million.,

  5. What difference does it make whether I care or not? Biden is not interested in my opinion and doesn’t want to hear it. We all heard when he said that he doesn’t work for us.

      1. According to Mr. Bobolinbsky, the man who helped Hunter, Joe, and Joe’s brother, open businesses in China. This is why Joe is so PRO CHINA. I wish they could safely get Mr. Bobolinsky back on one of the talk shows. I watched the interview he had on FOX, very informative.

  6. I won’t work or pay taxes to this illigitimate administration for 3 more years…let the illegals support the demonrats.

  7. Biden and his administration are all irresponsible. They have totally screwed up the entire system that was working and replaced it with nothing but lies and irresponsible acts like the Afghanistan debacle of Biden’s. This shows he could give a flip about Americans. He is a China thumper and should be run out of the USA forever as an actor for a foreign government that happens to be an enemy of this country at this time due to their policies and under the table deals the Bidens have done with China. The Bidens should all be in jail rotting away with no visitors allowed.

  8. Surely no sane person is at all surprise at this! Wasn’t it Joe who INVITED them into U.S.
    where one can “live where you want; do/don’t do whatever you want; and if you WANT
    anything you don’t have, the government will make sure you get it!” He May as well have added, “don’t worry about getting vaccinated for disease or viruses, paying taxes,
    but be SURE to go vote Democrat in every election!” Thanks, Joe Biden! What a patriot
    you are!

  9. Mission accomplished!! Biden wants these people here and forget about checking in. I think the count is not accurate. I would think it would be more than the 47,000. He invited them to come and now he’s being a good host by letting them run free in the country. Shameful but this is what we knew was going to happen.

    1. Not only run free, they are being housed in luxury, fed great food, if medical attention, they get it all free. It is leading to a YOU OWE ME when push comes to shove and the Republicans finally say ENOUGH! There are drug dealers, murderers, rapists, and any other crime you can think of being let into this country. But all the democrats in government have huge fences around their property.

  10. The ileagles are not reporting because they think they will bee sent back where they will have to work not getting everything FREE. They are out spreading the virus If you wonder why there is the surge. It is comming across the boarder that we are suposed to be protecting. Stop the flow of drugs and illeagels.

  11. Biden and democrats hope this is thee end of each of you.Crooked evil scum. If one ever gets elected will be only because you are you are corrupt bunch of snakes that need locked up .Sad last election was stolen.

  12. Find the criminals, shoot them. as well as any liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical tick caught aiding and abetting them.

  13. When I heard it on the news, the reporter asked Jill Biden do you think your husband is doing a great job? Jill Biden replied of course he is doing a great job bringing in all the illegals immigrants and wants to give them the USA CITIZENSHIP. What more does one need to say when she said it loud and clear? They are all a bunch of crooked, criminal people that take the law into their own hands to destroy America and we the American people. Get out of America you scum bags.

  14. Let the militia in America guard the southern border. I’m sure that they won’t listen to the White House lawn gnome (#BrainDeadBiden). I’m sure that they will provide a reason for the illegals to turn around and head south. Just wish I live in Texas.

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