Fauci on Democrat Vaccine Myths: ‘We need to put that to rest’

Ever since it was announced that several companies have viable vaccines to treat COVID-19, Democrats have been trying to undermine the achievement as well as the vaccine itself.

The most notorious offender has been New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and to an extent, even both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Dr. Fauci, while proving to be no fan of Donald Trump, put all those doubts to rest during a recent press conference.

Doubting Thomas

Everyone on the left has tried to cast doubt on any vaccine and treatment for COVID-19 based on Trumps’ association with them.

Operation Warp Speed has removed a lot of red tape, allowing these pharma companies to come up with a vaccine in record time.

Not only that, but these vaccines are far more effective than anyone could have hoped for.

When this process started, experts would have been happy with a 50-percent effective rate, but these vaccines are reportedly more than 90 percent effective.

Even so, Dems are trying to cast doubt on them.

In October, Joe Biden stated, “I trust vaccines. I trust scientists. But I don’t trust Donald Trump.

“And at this moment the American people can’t either.”

Those comments were interpreted to mean a virus under Trump could not be trusted.

Governor Cuomo has also openly challenged how much Trump has been involved as well as going so far as to prevent Trump from being able to distribute the vaccine.

Put That to Rest

Fauci, who was all gloom and doom before the election, is now suddenly touting the achievement of the Trump administration.

He is also clearly telling Democrats to knock it off…

Sadly, had Fauci made a comment like that before the election, Trump probably would not even be in a fight for the White House.

Democrats politicized this pandemic from the outset, largely by spreading false narratives regarding this administration’s response and Trump’s plan to distribute the vaccine.

Biden exposed his own lies recently when he stated that he needed access to Trump’s distribution plan to ensure the vaccine would be distributed properly once it was available.

I say that because, for the last three months, Joe Biden maintained that Trump had no such plan… and the media never challenged him on it.

Slowly but surely, the lies the media and Democrats have told are being exposed, but we can only hope it is not too late and that somehow Trump is able to flip these results and stay in the White House.

We simply cannot allow Democrats to win this election based on the steady stream of misinformation they and the media have fed the American people during this election cycle.

Source: Western Journal

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