Federal Investigation Opened into Elon Musk

Democrats are terrified of what Elon Musk may find out once he cracks open the back door of Twitter.

They have already been ringing the bell about this being a threat to the country.

So, it was no surprise to see an investigation launched into him.

One Way, or Another

When Musk started to accumulate Twitter stock, he apparently missed a filing date to show that he had purchased more than five percent, indicating a possible takeover attempt.

So, the SEC has now opened an investigation into Musk, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The report stated, “The Tesla Inc. chief executive made his filing on April 4, at least 10 days after his stake surpassed the trigger point for disclosure.

“Mr. Musk hasn’t publicly explained why he didn’t file in a timely manner. Mr. Musk likely saved more than $143 million by not reporting that his trades had crossed the 5% threshold, said Daniel Taylor, a University of Pennsylvania accounting professor, since the share price could have been higher had the market known of the billionaire’s growing stake.

“Investors who cross that line are required to file a form with the SEC revealing their stake within 10 days. Mr. Musk’s holdings topped 5% on March 14, securities filings show, meaning he should have disclosed his stake by March 24 under SEC rules.

“After March 24, Mr. Musk purchased roughly $513 million worth of stock at prices between $38.20 and $40.31 a share, according to a regulatory filing.

“The total buying spree made him Twitter’s largest individual shareholder with 9.2% of its shares. Based on Twitter’s closing price of $49.97 on April 4, the day Mr. Musk disclosed his stake, he likely saved more than $143 million on those trades, Dr. Taylor estimated.”

There has been widespread panic at Twitter over the possible takeover, as Musk has put everyone on notice that things are about to change…

Now, the entire purchase in on hold because Musk is having Twitter’s fake accounts audited.

If it turns up that more than five percent are spam/fake accounts, the entire sale could be voided.

In response, Twitter stock tanked on Friday.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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21 Responses

  1. Isn’t your Ministry of Truth enough Dems? Hell no!!! You have to take this guy down because he wanted to peer into the internal workings and will undoubtedly uncover collusion between Twitter and the Dem party, and they can’t have THAT! We will have to wait until after November (provided they aren’t successful in their next CHEAT) to see the truth and start jailing these professional criminals.

    1. These people of “the swamp” are scared to death that Musk will find out the “truths” about a number of things, so they’ll try to take him down too, Just like they did Trump! We’ve turned into Cuba/Venezuela!


  2. My question is this, IF the sale falls through because of “bots” and FAKE accounts that inflated the TRUE membership of Twitter what happens next? Does Twitter just go back to what it was? Or is it disbanded because of FRAUD? Or what?

  3. The Soros funded foxes continue to howl whenever they think someone or something is challenging their control of the henhouse. That they look for some excuse to haul those someones into court is no surprise. They believe that once in court, one of the Soros funded minions, be it an attorney, a bureaucrat or a court staffer, can find a way to stall or upset that challenge, and derail their efforts. Challenge the nits over the paperwork or the filing, make false claims about funding, fraud, gender dystopia or employee abuse, the list goes on… anything to stall and discredit. Like the illegal aliens swarming over the border, the woke-indoctrinated students and Left-bent union membership continue to function as pawns to wage the foxes’ war against the US’s henhouse of standing values and way of life. The foxes will not cede to anyone any part of their control of the US henhouse.

  4. Join Trump and DiSantis in the fight back against the foxes and save the US henhouse. Say No! to CRT. Say No! to MMT. Say No! to the open borders. Say No! to the Mask fraud. Save our kids, clean up the education system! Save the dollar! Say No! to runaway govt spending! Save our energy resources. Open up the oil fields and leases. Alternatives to oil products will emerge at their own speed, and when they make sense, not by any govt decree.
    Govt’s only function is to police, to enforce, to control. Markets create. Markets find needs. Markets fill and provide for those needs. Govts control what needs may be filled, and how. Let the markets blossom and restrain the govt’s overreaching and heavy-handed control. Govts create shortages, they don’t prevent them. Markets eliminate shortages and provide for all. Free the markets, harness the govt. Let the good times roll!

    1. With the stink wafting from the swamp and it’s inhabitants when did you ever think they were for clean Air…the fouler the better

  5. There’s ongoing investigation into the Trump family and now they’re investigating Mr. Musk. Why don ‘t they stop with the witch hunt and the resources that it takes to do those things and actually investigate the whole Biden communist party family and start putting them behind bars where they belong. They want to go after the Trump kid’s but do nothing about Hunter Biden. Show me where that’s justice? So now, what are they going to accuse Mr. Musk of doing? You have Pelosi committing insider trading and you want to go after Trump and Mr. Musk? This is why the people don’t trust our government. I can’t wait for all of them to get kicked out of office. Or it may be a pipe dream. I hope not.

  6. When does it become a problem when someone buy’s a “PROPERTY” and changes his mind because he’s found possible fraud in the deal? If that’s the case, then we’re all in trouble. They want to go after Mr. Must because of that, rather than investigate Tweeter for trying to commit fraud. I don’t blame him for that, but the “so called government” doesn’t see it that way because Tweeter is in the pockets of the “whole” government, and it wouldn’t look good if they went after Tweeter. In their play book, it’s easier to go after someone who would do the right thing for the people, than go after someone who they have control over. It wouldn’t go well with their pocketbook.

    1. Actually you got it reversed they don’t go after the tech giants because they are owned and controlled by them.

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