Fetterman Will Skip Joe Biden Events in PA

When you are in the party of the existent White House occupant, you want to be there when they come to town.

Well, that is generally the case.

When the occupant is only sitting around 40 percent approval, you find a reason to skip the event, which is what John Fetterman just did.

No Thanks!

Fetterman, an uber-progressive, did not accept Biden’s invitation to attend either of his two PA speeches this week.

As other candidates have done, Fetterman claimed he had another event that was in conflict…

Fetterman is currently leading Oz comfortably, so why risk hurting that by holding hands with Biden?

In the two most recent polls, Fetterman has a four and 13-point lead against Trump-backed Mehmet Oz.

You can read more about this report in Breitbart.

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4 Responses

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  1. Anyone that Biden or Obama endorses is not going to be For The People! Plus I don’t vote for impaired folks to any office! Which is common sense. Atleast I thought it was.

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