Fetterman’s Doctor Donated to Campaign, Other Democrats

For weeks, the media has been trying to get some transparency on John Fetterman’s medical condition.

Suddenly, Fetterman produces a statement from Doctor Chen at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

Dr. Chen gave Fetterman the greenlight, but it is just not that simple.

A Donor

There are a few things not to like about Chen being the doctor that gave Fetterman the green light.

His statement on Fetterman’s health stated, “Occasional words he will ‘miss’ which seems like he doesn’t hear the word but it is actually not processed properly.

“His hearing of sound such as music is not affected.

“His communication is significantly improved compared to his first visit assisted by speech therapy which he has attended on a regular basis since the stroke.”

Chen is a PCP, not a specialist, which is who we really need to hear from.

Secondly, Chen is a Fetterman donor and a donor to a handful of other Democrats.

Point being, he has a vested interest in Fetterman winning this election.

Based on what I have seen from Fetterman publicly, I am still not buying it.

Source: Fox News