Oregon Could Have Its First GOP Governor in Decades

This red wave is starting to have some really interesting results.

One of them would be Oregon.

The state has been run by Democrats for 35 years, but that could change in this election.

Stunning Poll

Democrats just about passed out when the latest polling results were revealed…

If Drazan wins, she will be the first Republican since 1987 to have done so.

She will also have considerable challenges, as the state legislature is dominated by Democrats.

She also still has to make it to the finish line, which will not be easy.

There are still nine percent undecided, which is a significant number with only a two-point lead.

We could also see Johnson pull out of the race, a move that would surely benefit Kotek more.

For now, however, Dems are getting a big wake-up call that people are sick and tired of crime and homelessness.

Source: Daily Caller