Florida Governor Says He Will Pardon Everyone Charged with COVID Crimes

Florida is and always has been a mixed bag in terms of politics.  

While it is generally a “red” state in major elections, it is much like Texas in that it has a lot of liberal pockets that are uber-liberal.  

This was never more apparent than during this pandemic, where Governor Ron DeSantis openly stated arresting people for COVID crimes was not the solution (he did this in September), yet some local counties issued and enforced extreme penalties for violations.  

In one case, a couple was being threatened with some very serious jail time after having been arrested for not wearing masks while exercising.  

Governor Santis gave them the relief of a lifetime by announcing that he will not only issue a pardon for this couple but also for everyone charged with a COVID crime during the pandemic.  

You can watch the full segment with Laura Ingraham below… 

Well done, Governor, and we can only hope more Republican governors follow your example and do the same.  

Source: Daily Caller 

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4 Responses

  1. FINALLY somebody that actually has some sense !!! I was beginning to think that everybody in the U.S. was as bat schitt crazy as the lying liberal democrats !!! Now all they have to do is let the idiots know that we will not be told where we can go or what we can do with or without their idiotic useless masks and retarded distance rules and we are going to do as we dam well please whether they like it or not, and everything will be fine !!! THIS IS STILL THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, WHERE EVERYONE IS FREE DO TO AS THEY PLEASE !!!! THE GOVERNMENT AND FAUCI CAN STICK THEIR “LAWS” WHERE THE SUN NEVER SHINES !!!! If you want to wear your drawers over your head and lock yourself underground forever, go right ahead, but don’t try to tell me that I have to be as ignorant as you are !!!! MIND YOUR OWN DAM BUSINESS AND I WILL MIND MINE !!!

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