Husband Kills Wife, Slashes Own Throat in Florida Murder Suicide

A domestic argument in Florida quickly turned into something that was absolutely horrific.

According to local reports, Byanca Cruz and her husband, Oscar Salazar, were arguing over the behavior of their five-year-old child.

Salazar then lost it, stabbing his wife, then slashing his own throat.

This all reportedly happened in front of their children.

Horror Show

The couple shared two children, as well as a 10-year-old boy from Cruz that was Salazar’s stepson.

The boy fled the scene, alerting a neighbor that his stepfather had attacked his mother.

Authorities were called and they found Cruz dead at the scene, and Salazar suffering from a self-inflicted knife wound.

He was transported to a local hospital but died.

It was noted that Salazar was also an illegal immigrant who had stolen the ID of another man.

He also had two priors for domestic assault, once while Cruz was pregnant.

The 10-year-old has been relocated with his father, while the two younger children were placed in the custody of their grandmother.

Source: New York Post