FOIA Request Drops COVID Research Bombshell

There is a report flying around that is going to hurt both this administration as well as Trump.

Of course, it is regarding the safety of the COVID vaccines.

An FOIA request has revealed some of the issues found during vaccine studies, most of which were kept from the public.


There were significant issues with women getting pregnant and being able to carry to term during the height of the vaccine.

In a crowdsourced funded project, Naomi Wolf found that 22 of the 50 women who took the Pfizer vaccine could not carry their pregnancy to term.

Trial tests that were revealed were also a bit scary.

The Moderna toxicology section reports, “mRNA-1273-related variations in skeletal examination included statistically significant increases in the number of F1 rats with 1 or more wavy ribs and 1 or more rib nodules.

“Wavy ribs appeared in 6 fetuses and 4 litters with a fetal prevalence of 4.03% and a litter prevalence of 18.2%. Rib nodules appeared in 5 of those 6 fetuses.”

In approving the vaccine, the FDA stated, “no vaccine-related fetal malformations or variations and no adverse effect on postnatal development.”

That is clearly a lie.

This is why people do not trust the government.

Take the vaccine, it is safe, they said.

My guess is that we are going to see a lot more of this type of data come out in the future that will put the trust of everyone involved in this vaccine in jeopardy.

Source: Just the News

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17 Responses

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  3. It’s so amazing – “you can trust the government” – right. As we sat back and watched during the covid debacle, we were told this and we were told that and most of the time the this and that didn’t mesh. Do this, no wait, don’t do that, do this instead. Dem or GOP they all lie to make it fit their agenda. Not trusting the lying, cheating government HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE BEST CHOICE!

    1. It’s like when they took the guns away from the native Americans and told them “don’t worry, we’ll protect you”. The current administration is nothing but a complete lie just like the 2020 election was.

  4. Agreed. Dr. Fauci was in both instances considered expert in Science. If someone disagreed they were the source of misinformation. I think all the people that lost their jobs, families or family members, their career, and even punishing people in the military or trying to get in. Big government, like Trump and others said, adds more problems. Let the people run their own lives. Even the media, particularly CNN, MSNBC, ABC, all catered to the narrative. Even now, with no apologies, they are paid to cover the truth. Soros needs to keep his sorry self out of sight. But, his money, and others, have ruined people’s lives. Now some of the DOJ and FBI. Research stuff. Unfortunately, you cannot take things as truth.

  5. I hope we all learned a lesson from the lies. Don’t wear mask. Wait, wear masks. 2 weeks to flatten the curve. Children will kill their grandparents & teachers. Just to name a few. I will NEVER trust the CDC or our government again.

  6. From the very beginning I said hell no to the vaccine. I just felt it was a way to decrease the population. There was simply no way the time line could have properly investigated the side effects. So glad I trusted my instincts.

  7. While President Trump was instrumental in having the vaccine on the market at “Warp Speed”, I don’t think he would have pushed it so hard if he had the information that was hidden by the Biden Administration. You haven’t heard President Trump talk about the vaccine lately, at least I haven’t heard or seen him.

  8. If you had done some research and or listened to some sane doctors and or the mRNA inventor,you would have known this is not what it is.This trial run of Depopulation bt vaccination worked

  9. The Democrats discriminate against the unborn babies tell you to kill your child why would you ever believe in them how could you accept anything they promote they hate every person who can vote they take all your extra money in taxes they create crime and reward criminals make you defenseless by taking your guns away lie about vaccines and support illegal immigrants they create inflation limit your freedom through higher gas prices limit free speech create chaos sell your jobs to foreign governments and much much more they hate we the people l love my country think about it the Democrats promote we the United States of America and are treasonous

  10. This is on Joe Biden , Trump was gone from the White House in 2020 be for the shots were ever started , and Mike Pence was in charge of the warp speed so he should have made sure the test were in the papers for the companies that were making this shot junk .

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