Former Democrat Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang Rushed to Hospital

One of the more interesting figures from the 2020 presidential election season was hospitalized over the weekend.

Andrew Yang, who was never really a threat but someone that still created national interest in his uber-progressive ideas, was taken to the hospital Friday night for a kidney stone.

Yang was reportedly complaining of stomach pains, then went to the emergency room for treatment.

Rushed to Hospital

These days, just about any medical problem can have people panicking.

For those that have never been through a kidney stone, you would be amazed at how much pain that little pebble can cause.

Yang’s campaign, after the news broke, stated, “After experiencing abdominal pain this morning, Andrew Yang visited an emergency room where he was diagnosed with what appears to be a kidney stone.”

Yang later released a tweet giving an update on his situation…

Rise to Fame

As mentioned above, Yang was never really a threat to win the nomination, but some of his ideas caught fire during the campaign.

The most notable was the ultimate socialist idea of providing everyone with a $1,000 universal income.

Liberals, of course, loved the idea, while those of us on the right cringed at the thought of taxpayer debt being increased so someone like Yang could win office.

Yang, however, has gained some grip in the New York mayoral race and is among the favorites.

If he wins that race, his idea of universal income will no longer be a pipe dream, as he will then have the influence to run a pilot program in the state of New York, possibly moving him to the forefront for Democrats in the 2024 or 2028 election cycles.

Source: Daily Caller

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7 Responses

  1. I’m glad he is doing well thank Jehovah God.. Anyone for Mayor of New York is better than DeBlasio who was a complete failure and hypocrite. He was also a terrorist who was affiliated with the Sandinista. It’s so sad that we have individuals in office who exhibit so much hate for anyone who don’t think like them.

  2. “BAIZUO” “Only care about topics such a immigration, minorities, LGBT and environments” Homeless is non help US Constitution?
    “After experiencing abdominal pain this morning, Andrew Yang visited an emergency room where he was diagnosed with what appears to be a kidney stone
    In CHINA called: “BAIZUO” “

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