Former Trump Adviser Charged with Illegal Lobbying

Thomas Barrack is a private equity investor, a friend of Donald Trump’s, and a former adviser to him.

On Monday, Barrack was arrested.

According to reports, he is being charged with illegally lobbying Trump on behalf of the UAE.

Barrack has since stated that he will plead “not guilty” to the charges.

And So It Begins…

According to the filings, Barrack was taking the direction of senior UAE officials to try to influence the Trump campaign’s foreign policy as well as his administration’s after being elected.

Barrack had never registered as a foreign agent, so the case sounds eerily familiar to the one that put Paul Manafort behind bars.

If the report is accurate, thousands of documents will be presented as evidence against Barrack, including emails, texts, flight records, and social media records.

Prosecutors in the case have stated that the “evidence of [Barrack’s] guilt in this case is overwhelming.”

Acting U.S. Attorney Jacquelyn Kasulis stated, “As alleged, the defendants, using their positions of power and influence in a presidential election year, engaged in a conspiracy to illegally advance and promote the interests of the United Arab Emirates in this country, in flagrant violation of their obligation to notify the Attorney General of their activities and in derogation of the American people’s right to know when a foreign government seeks to influence the policies of our government and our public opinion.”

Acting Assistant Attorney General Mark Lesko added, “The conduct alleged in the indictment is nothing short of a betrayal of those officials in the United States, including the former president.”

In addition to Barrack, two other men were also arrested on related charges.

Barrack’s attorney, Matt Herrington, stated, “Tom Barrack made himself voluntarily available to investigators from the outset. He is not guilty and will be pleading not guilty today.”

Sources: NBC DFW & Fox News

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16 Responses

  1. This is unbelievable and truly a jester like court situation. These evil people are constantly breaking the law treasonous and they are the ones that are supposedly in power that are taking our country down. The Democrats need to stop looking and pointing fingers and looking at themselves at what all they are doing making up things against Republicans especially they are on such a search for Trump to do anything against him because he knows how evil they are and they know it

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    2. I truly believe what goes around comes around. The hammer will eventually come down on the evil, lying, sickening Dems. Can’t wait!

  2. Another leftist witch hunt, when will they go after real criminals, like Hunter and Joe Biden, Bill and Hillary ?

  3. This is just BS, Demorats always have there teeth in somebody, And The frickin Republicans seem To run for cover… Grow some Cajones Republicans, read the Rats play book, and make there life miserable… Go after Biden & Hunter, Throw the book at them…Do something that makes a point, Rand Paul seems like he has learned to be a mean SOB… Quit waiting for your mommy to wipe your nose… Get mean, Stand up for American Voter’s….

    1. Well said! Loving the balls on Rand Paul – imagine what we can accomplish if the rest of the Republucan party grows some!! These sick, evil Dems must be stopped!! Our Country is being destroyed!!

  4. It is disgusting how the dems are after anyone that is a Trump supporter and making up charges against them. These politicians should be fired and not allowed to run for office ever again., They are traitors.

  5. Isn’t Hunter Biden almost (lap top) proven guilty of the same situation as Barrack? Biden just needs to appear in front of a Judge and Jury. It wouldn’t take the Jury long to convict most likely. Why isn’t he being treated the same? Oh, yeah, I forgot he is Republican!! 2 way justice system needs to go right now!!

  6. Why hasn’t Hunter Biden been charged?? We have more proof against him than Barrack!! The FBI needs to get back to being independent from politics. Of course we still have Merrick Garland who we can consider very Partisan!!

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