Foul Play Suspected in Death of Fort Drum Soldier

Yet another US soldier has been found dead and yet again, foul play is suspected.

This time, however, the soldier was missing from Fort Drum (upstate New York).

Army officials have confirmed that foul play is suspected in the death of Corporal Hayden Allen Harris.

Another Disappearance

The rash of disappearances over the last year at Fort Hood has been more than alarming.

In all, a dozen soldiers have been reported as missing, slain, or killed over the last year.

Now, the same thing is starting to happen at Fort Drum, where the death of Corporal Harris has officials believing foul play played a part in his death.

Harris disappeared sometime between Thursday night and Friday morning.

A fellow soldier was arrested shortly after Harris’ body was found in northern New Jersey.

Chris Grey, a spokesman for Army CID, stated, “We are working very closely with several law enforcement agencies, to include Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, and Sussex County Prosecutor’s Office, and the Bryam Township Police Department on this investigation.

“We greatly appreciate their work on this ongoing case.”

You can read the full report on The Hill.

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