Fox News Correspondent Carries Ian Survivor to Safety

Florida has truly come together in the aftermath of Ian.

That includes Fox News’ Steve Harrigan who has been reporting on the ground.

Harrigan was helping move survivors from rescue crafts to land amid the efforts to get survivors to safety.

Just Pitching In

I am a big believer in paying it forward and Karma.

You see someone that needs help, you help, and that is what Harrigan did.

Here is the video of him helping rescue workers out…

Florida now has a total of 7,000 National Guard (2,000 from outside the state) that are among the assets in place to help Floridians.

Today, there were reports that the levee could break, so people are literally going door-to-door to warn people and get them evacuated if they are in a danger zone.

Death tolls are just starting to roll in, but it is a reasonably safe assumption that this will wind up being one of the deadliest storms on record.

However, that is one projection where I would love to be wrong.

Source: Fox News