Fox News Defends Tucker Carlson Amid Racist Accusations

The American Defamation League (ADL) now has Tucker Carlson on its radar.  

The ADL blasted recent statements by Carlson, demanding he be fired by Fox News for what it believes is white supremacist language.  

Fox News, however, is having none of it, immediately stepping up to defend the polarizing host.  


The latest Carlson controversy centers around a discussion Carlson was having regarding the “replacement theory.” 

After the ADL slammed Carlson, Fox CEO Lachlan Murdoch penned a letter to the ADL to defend Tucker Carlson.  

In part, Murdoch slammed the ADL because he stated that Carslon “decried and rejected replacement theory” in the very segment the ADL used to say that Carslon should be terminated… 

ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt responded, “Mr. Carlson’s attempt to at first dismiss this theory, while in the very next breath endorsing it under cover of ‘a voting rights question,’ does not give him free license to invoke a white supremacist trope.” 

This is the segment where Carlson appeared that created all the uproar… 

All the outrage got started because left-leaning Media Matters claimed that Tucker Carlson offered up a passionate defense of the “white replacement theory,” yet anyone that heard that interview could see that was not the case.  

This is one of the key elements of the left to create unrest in this country right now… make race a part of EVERY conversation.  

Sadly, the strategy seems to be working.  

Source: Daily Caller 

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21 Responses

    1. But I guess the almighty ADL is just fine with all the racist talk CNN and MSNBC does on a daily basis.

      1. For ONCE, ADL didn’t get their way!!! Everyone, Everything, ANY THING that doesn’t FOLLOW the REPULSIVE LEFT, IS RACIST!!! I am SO sick of hearing that BS!!! TUCKER speaks to people who have common sense. These groups are Whining themselves to death, while OUR CITIES BURN!!! They should do something constructive, like going to MN! 🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶 That would NEVER happen, because it doesn’t fit their Narrative!

  1. Tired of hearing “racism”. Stay home. Don’t cause trouble. Stay off the drugs and booze in public. The best message I could hear is the Minneapolis jury acquits Chauvin. Druggie comes into court with unclean hands, the court has no obligation to convict police officer doing his job…. $27 mil for a druggie…taxpayer money pissed down the drain…

  2. The sad part about it is useing racism against people every time you turn around will hurt people in the long run because no will believe it when it really happens

  3. Now the race baiters want to attribute the latest tragic death on racism, when the facts don’t support such a conclusion. Officers are attempting to execute valid arrest warrants and the suspect physically resists. An officer, in the ensuing scuffle, inadvertently discharged a firearm instead of a taser. End of story. The race of the suspect was irrelevant.

    1. 100% agree with your comment!! A criminal iz a criminal — No Matter What Color Their SKIN Is!! I support our Law Enforcement Officers!!

    2. I totally agree with all of you. Does anyone out there think that what’s going on now would be happening if that cop had been black and the victim was white? Why is it that every time a black driver is stopped they always try to escape and bad things happen every time and they must know it? If they want to go out to protest a person being killed what does vandalism, stealing, looting and destroying property got to do with it? Apparently these rioters in all these cities don’t work. Are they all living off the rest of us? Until they start making these lawbreakers pay it won’t stop.

  4. This is another great truth by Tucker! My parents were in WW2 in Holland where the Nazis stayed for 5 years! They owned the press and were masters at Propaganda … bc they had no problem lying! This is what there trying to do to all Tucker and Matt Gaetz type! Let’s stand up to there narrative and call them out at every turn and no more just complaining… bc they’re laughing at all the shock and awe they’re creating!

  5. When I tried to listen to Tucker Carlson’s show clip it wouldn’t play. This has happened before I’m not sure why but I’ll find another way to hear it. Thanks!

  6. Stop the insanity! Why can’t we cancel the “woke”, course I don’t call them woke, I call them mental morons! I suppose that’s racist, too.

  7. The DEMS will keep making EVERYTHING about race, even though time after time their allegations ARE PROVEN TO BE FALSE! I just hope MY TAX DOLLARS ARE NOT GOING TO THE ACLU, THE ADL OR THE SPLC! None of these organizations support the Constitution, or EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER LAW! Simply LYING OVER AND OVER will not convince anyone who doesn’t already believe in the myth of WHITE PRIVILEGE AND THAT ALL WHITES ARE RACIST! This is tearing the country apart, exactly what they want by doing it!

  8. You better hang on to Tucker, Hannity and a couple other good journalists that is why I watch every night and why my family and my friends watch. Don’t let the few that complain about FOX cause you to cave in. Tucker is the best. D Clayborn

  9. I agree with Taiwan Commoner. As a retired police officer of 35 years, I have seen a lot of changes on the street and most of them have been because of the politics in D.C. and the irresponsible news media. I only watch Fox News, not the criminal news network (nor any of the other biased networks). Fox News is the most NON biased with hosts that do not try to spin to win (those are stuck on themselves).

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