Fox News Deploys Thermal Drone to Show ‘Secure’ Border

Fox News has a new toy and Kamala Harris will not like it.

The outlet is now capable of deploying a drone with thermal video capabilities.

The drone was recently put to use, showing more than 500 illegal immigrants hit the border in just a few hours.

And They Complain About 50

The footage from the drone is staggering.

It looks more like people entering a sporting event than trying to cross the border illegally.

With Martha’s Vineyard crying foul after only 50 migrants, this drone footage shows what Texas is dealing with daily.

Ten times the number of migrants easily crossed the border in just a few hours…

In the Del Rio Sector alone, they estimate more than 1,500 people are coming over the border.

That one sector has accounted for roughly 450,000 illegal immigrant encounters.

Here is the Fox News report…

The White House calls transporting migrants to Democrat cities a political stunt, but I’m afraid I have to disagree.

This has finally brought national attention to a problem that has been going on for almost two years.

Source: Fox News

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38 Responses

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  3. These aren’t refugees as the Media would have us believe this is an invasion. A bloodless invasion of millions of communists crossing our borders everyday. They are mainly young men of fighting age. Those that are caught do not report their whereabouts. These people are not vetted. This is all going to blow up in our faces soon

    1. Then add in the terrorist afghanis who rushed the planes on Biden’s surrender, were not US Allie’s, and what do you have.

        1. You people who voted for Criminal Biden, knew from day one, that he was going toe Open Borders to every Illegal Immigrant. If you want it to stop, you people who voted for Biden, better start demanding that he closed the “Biden Border” immediately. Harris said the Border was secured, but we all know, SHE LIED AS USUAL.

  4. The Drone move was Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I pray that there eyes would be opened and see the Truth and the Lies that they are saying about the Border being secure are being Exposed. GOD is on the Move. We Give GOD all the Glory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Halleluajah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Great move but Liberals/Left will just lie again and deny, deny, deny because that is what they do except fool around with our elections. All these illegals will be good democrat voters as soon as the left can do it. Then the disaster really starts.

    1. They are ALREADY voting as illegals in several states! The US is becoming a lawless, third world country day by day as no one is enforcing our laws against illegal border crossings that the US has!!!! I hope you people who voted for this lawless administration are HAPPY! Soon, the criminals in these groups of illegals will be ‘cleaning you out’ but it will be too late to go back and so America dies with misinformed and poorly educated people who have made unwise decisions!

      1. It always come down to the most important thing for your clan and family. Your VOTE! IND voter who votes sparingly as the choices get worse every 2 years!

  6. And yet Biden and Harris say there is no crisis at the border. They have no idea what in the hell is going on in our country because they are too busy trying to destroy it. The Florida and Texas Governors are sending these illegals that Biden is sending them right back to Biden and his kindergarten people in Washington. Every single one of them should be sent to these blue states who love to be sancturary states!!!!!!! Let them put them up and deal with them.

    1. They know what’s going on, it’s intentional but n order to bring in enough communists to destroy the country. This country has really fallen, obviously the American people don’t care about what’s going on or they would haul this communist administration out of the White House and hang them for treason

      1. You bet!! Biden is afraid that these animals will be sent to Delaware. That’s why he had that wall/fence built around his home as he is afraid a bunch of them will be dumped off there. Gov. Abbott has been called a kidnapper for sending people in the daytime, when that bastard so called Pres. flew hundreds in the middle of the night to various cities. Now who is the kidnapper?

  7. I think that Biden thinks that all of these migrants are going to vote for him in this next election and he’s using American taxpayers’ money to make this happen. This is all part of his plan to bankrupt our country for and easier takeover when his and the evil corrupt Democrats full plan comes together. I just hope that the American people wake up and are ready to put a STOP to these traitors from taking over our government and possibly our country. This corrupt Regime does not realize how many Americans are willing to give their lives in order to stop them from taking over our country and ordering we the people. We the people own America and we the people should be given the orders to our politicians that work for US. But it seems like the politicians have been working for themselves and changing laws to suit them only. I think that it’s time to clean out the swamp of all these old Politicians that are just in office to make themselves richer like Nancy Pelosi and her Husband

    1. I’m w/ you tom s. I think I’m being strictly censored. I only speak the truth and I don’t cuss. I call it like I see it. God Bless America for as long as we can hold onto it.

  8. They have let millions of illegal immigrants across our border and we as a people have to pay for all those people why? Can we actually sue the people in charge for our money back?

  9. Fox came up with a great idea Now every one can see that there another lie biden told th took an oath when he took office to protect the borders of our country he told a dam lie to the whole world he should be removed from from office biden won’t believe the film nor will any demoRAT

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