Fox News Hammers KJP on Harris Claim of Secure Border

The Biden administration is once again going to the tired narrative that everything at the border is Donald Trump’s fault.

Fox News’ Jacqui Heinrich is picking up where Peter Doocy left off.

Heinrich put White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on the spot over the border being secure.

Spin It, KJP

Several days ago, Kamala Harris was asked about the border being secure.

She said it was.

Migrants coming over say the opposite, openly admitting that they walked across the border.

I will let you listen to KJP’s answer on this, then I will give my two cents…

Regarding the border wall, nobody expected the wall to completely stop illegal immigration.

It is, however, a massive deterrent to slow them down.

Yes, it will get breached and it will need to be repaired.

She talks about 3,000 people getting by the wall, but how many did it stop?

KJP is talking about more than $2 million in repairs when the increase in illegal immigrants during the Biden administration alone will cost this country an estimated $20 billion annually.

Her claim that more illegal immigrants have been sent back over the border than during any other administration is a complete and utter joke.

First, they have had at least five times the number of illegal come across the border than at any time during the Trump administration.

They have also allowed more illegals into the country than any other administration, so they are once again cherry-picking stats.

These reporters have to do a better job on follow-up questions.

Heinrich did a great job initially, even calling up the quotes from illegals, but she backed off when she should have hammered KJP when she started her spin.

This is the only way we truly expose the lies this administration spews every day.

Source: Fox News

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