CNN’s Dana Bash to Surgeon General: Is Fox News ‘Killing People’

We all thought it was bad when Joe Biden accused Facebook of killing people, but CNN just took it a step further.

During a recent interview with Biden’s Surgeon General, CNN’s Dana Bash asked if conservative media, specifically Fox News, was killing people.

It was one of the most blatant twistings of the facts to justify a narrative I have ever heard.

Not What They Said

Fox News hosts targeted by Bash, Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham, never said that people should not take the vaccine.

The segments they have had discussed the idea of forcing someone to take medicine they don’t want to take or are uncomfortable taking without much research having been done yet.

I have written many times about my own hesitancy as someone that has had COVID, has recovered, and is still testing positive for the antibodies.

We still really don’t know what the impact will be down the road for people in that category and probably will not for some time.

As long as I am testing positive for antibodies, and I continue to get tested on a regular basis, I feel I do not need to even consider taking the vaccine.

At the same time, I am not telling anyone to not get the vaccine because I, like Tucker and Ingraham, believe it is a personal choice one way or the other.

When you add in the fact that, according to the “experts,” once you are vaccinated, you are safe, why are they so worried about people that do not want to get vaccinated?

They are putting themselves at risk, not anyone that has already taken the vaccine, right?

Taking all that into consideration, Bash still asked this ridiculous question…

All Bash is doing is painting a target on the head of people that have not taken the vaccine, for any reason, so, if we really wanted to, we could say CNN is “killing people” with these nonsensical stories that clearly have only one purpose… to continue to help push White House talking points.

Source: Breitbart

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12 Responses

  1. Shame on CNN and MSNBC and All the other Fake News….They need to be Truthful and they need to report all info. Like something that has proven to work Better with no deaths when using this protocol
    Ivermectin, vitamins D,Zinc,B and C…proven not harmful at all. Ivermectin been around for over 50 yrs.

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  2. This is still America — Free America — and everyone is capable of making their own decision. They should be allowed their FREE CHOICE as granted by the Constitution. By the way I am vaccinated — my choice, NOT THE GOVERNMENTS.

  3. This is America and we’re free with choices so people need to shut their mouths about whether other people should take the vaccine or not. Do whatever you feel is right. Not what someone else tells you to do. Why is the government pushing this vaccine so hard??? Huuummmm!!!!

  4. Democratics blame Republicans for not being vaccinated. I’m Republican and there are a few Democrats in my family. All the republicans took the vaccine and the Democrats haven’t It’s really a choice

  5. My body, my choice. I really thought that was what Democrats believe. I guess that only counts when killing babies.

  6. Dems are such hypocrites’. They lie when the truth would be best. They just can’t help lying when the conservatives are concerned. No one in their right mind believes them.

  7. If the vaccine is so great then why are the cowards that ran from Texas testing positive? This is all a pack of democratic lies formed by pelosi to keep the cowards( pelosi minions) under her thumb. They’re all lakes and thieves and need to be locked up with leader pelosi

  8. I never watch CNN, but my curiosity got the best of me. I wanted to see how long it would take BIDEN to have a brain freeze while taking (pre-screened of course) questions from the audience. I was actually surprised that he made it through a couple of questions, before he began his “familiar stammering”. I still cannot believe, that anyone actually believes that this Fraud, is actually capable of Leading Our AMERICA! He has managed to set up Our Nation, for a complete Recession

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