Fox News Power Rankings Dim Outlook for GOP in 2022

It is always something right before an election that dims our hopes.

We expected big things in 2018, but we lost the House.

Then COVID came along and ruined 2020.

With the 2022 election right around the corner, we were supposed to see a red wave that would take back all of Congress.

The latest polling now says, “not so fast.”

Possible, Not Likely

I never like to say never, so I won’t say that, but the chances of Republicans taking back both chambers are pretty slim.

As we all know, it only takes one awful week for things to change, and we know there will be some October surprises to shake up these races, but it is not good for the Senate right now.

We have numerous candidates in battleground states that are all losing, and without them, it will be almost impossible to retake the Senate.

When you also factor in recent polling for Senators Rubio (R-FL) and Johnson (R-WI), both of whom are now losing, the outlook is dim.

This was reflected in the latest Fox News Power Rankings report, which shows an up-in-the-air Senate and a much smaller House advantage for the GOP than initially anticipated.

Now, a lot of this is due to the bump Biden and Democrats are getting from the perceived legislative “wins” in recent weeks.

However, I have also stated that Americans will see they were duped again as these things play out.

My opinion… Democrats played these cards a bit too early, as I believe they would have been far more effective a month out, rather than three when they can unravel.

The bottom line here is that the GOP needs to rally behind Trump’s Senate candidates if it wants to win.

That has already happened to some degree, with the Senate Leadership PAC dropping almost $60 million into the JD Vance and Mehmet Oz campaigns.

Walker and Blake Masters are still left hanging, and we are still waiting for Trump to crack open that $250 million stash he has managed to accumulate.

We can cry about the RNC’s lack of support, but Trump also needs to inject cash into these campaigns, and a lot of it.

Source: Fox News

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