Frank Biden Attends Mayweather Birthday Blowout

Rules?… not for the Biden family!

As the brother of the current occupant of the White House, one would think the entire family would keep its nose clean.

That, however, is not the case for Frank Biden, who has now embarrassed his brother for the second time in under a month.

Party On!

Guidelines currently stipulate that nobody should be attending large gatherings making up multiple households.

Social distancing is supposed to be in place, as is mask-wearing.

Well, Frank Biden somehow got on the guestlist for Floyd Mayweather’s birthday party this weekend.

It is safe to say that more than three households were at the party, mask rules were being ignored, and social distancing was not even a consideration…

Frank Biden was also spotted at the party, having numerous pictures taken, all without a mask on (to see those pictures, click here).

Now, since he is Joe Biden’s brother, we have to assume that his mask was not on for pictures because Biden’s scientists must have informed Frank that when pictures are being taken, the air around you magically sanitizes itself.

According to the New York Post’s Page Six report, a source told the outlet, “Individually, there were COVID-19 checks for each person ahead of time.

“People that were traveling were asked to be tested and travel safely.

“People were also handed ‘TMT’ branded masks upon entry to the event.”

That is irrelevant, however, because a party like that should not have even been taking place according to current guidelines, not to mention Franks is Joe’s brother, the man that is telling us common peons that we cannot attend gatherings like this!

Just as a refresher, Joe Biden on Saturday stated, “Before you get the shot and after … social distancing saves lives.

“Wearing masks saves lives. Making sure that you wash your hands with hot water saves lives.

“This is not hyperbole. This is not a political statement. It’s a reality.”

Perhaps Joe should directly send that message to his brother Frank because he clearly did not get it.

Source: Breitbart & Page Six

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