Free COVID Test Kit Distribution to End

If you have not yet grabbed your free COVID test kits, you better do so soon.

As of Friday, the program will be suspended.

The White House called out Congress for failing to continue to fund the program on its website.

No More Freebies

Going back to March, the White House had requested another $22.5 billion to continue COVID relief efforts.

Within that money would have been more COVID testing.

That request was never met.

The White House posted, “If Congress provides funding, we will expeditiously resume distribution of free tests through

“Until then, we believe reserving the remaining tests for distribution later this year is the best course.”

The shame of it all is there should still be plenty of money for tests, only significant portions of COVID funding were rerouted for pet programs, usually with the blessing of the White House.

I can say without question that the COVID relief program was ripe with corruption and waste.

So, I can only fault local and state governments for being irresponsible with the money as well as a massive failure on the federal government level to have an accounting for every penny spent under these relief programs.

Source:  Newsmax

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16 Responses

  1. Waste of money. No accountability. Gee-whiz. What could have gone wrong? Fauci, Biden, Harris, Rice, Schumer, Warren? Not their faults, right? Come on, man!

    1. THEY WILL PAY FOR THEIR CRIMES!!!!!!! God is in charge, and hell has a ‘ special seat ‘ reserved in the Lake of Fire! These morons are a ABOMINATION to Him! They can’t escape God’s judgement, no matter how many Bibles the schmucks are carrying around, to show how ‘ spiritual ‘ they are, to the biden/ oboomer lovers, the DEMONICrats another words…….the gullible imbeciles (you know the ones who wear masks, while driving)! SICK OF THEM ALL!

  2. covid tests are a waist of taxpayer money and , time ! the vacines take out more people than all the wars we get involved with !the criminal gov does not tell you that, they havethe stupid people beliving the vacine hell stops the virus ,which it dont! how can a vacinated twice and boostered person end up with covid, and get verry sick and some die ?

    1. I agree! Much more died AFTER BEING VAXED, than with covid alone! People are SO STUPID! Don’t they know that they’re pushing their stupid poison TO ELIMINATE AT LEAST HALF OF THE WORLD POPULATION!

    2. It’s because this isn’t a vaccine..This an experimentation to try to boost immunity, they refused to get the true vaccine approved in US. Why did they do that? It maybe a population control because it affects the reproduction tracts. Some European countries banned it because of this.

  3. I was surprised that I actually received the first two kits I ordered. When I received another solicitation, I ordered another pair of kits. Those never showed up. THAT IS THIS GOVERNMENT – HIT AND MISS, MOSTLY MISS.

  4. Send Obama back to Kenya where he came from because what he didn’t accomplish he has Brain dead Biden doing it and also send the Nazi loving rat Soros and his family back to Hungry as they would love to hang him! Our country doesn’t need them and he don’t want them in our country

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