Gaetz’s Alleged Wingman Confesses to Sex with Underage Girl

Rep Matt Gaetz (R-FL) was just dealt a rather significant blow in the scheme to take him down.  

The alleged wingman of Gaetz, Joel Greenberg, has signed a rather stunning confession.  

Reports are blowing up all over the place that Greenberg has confessed to having “paid” sex, activities that included a 17-year-old girl.  

The Letter 

The Daily Beast has reportedly secured the confession letter.  

According to the report, Greenberg claims the money was sent to the girls using cash transfer applications such as Venmo and Cash App.  

The money was to be used for “gas money or gifts, rent or partial tuition payments were made to several of these girls.” 

In turn for this money, the girls were to provide sexual favors to Greenberg and Gaetz.  

At the time, Greenberg stated that both he and Gaetz thought the girl was 19 years old.  

When they discovered her true age, they broke off the relationship until she became of age.  

At this time, it is being reported that Gaetz sent $900 to Greenberg over two transactions, one of which was meant to pay the girl in question.  

There have also been reports that Gaetz had asked Trump for a blanket pardon, but this report puts that ball in the court of Greenberg.  

The letter reportedly states that Greenberg reached out to Roger Stone to approach Trump on his behalf for a pardon.  

This puts a major wrinkle out there for Gaetz, especially considering Greenberg admits to having sex with an underage girl. 

Gaetz, to this point, has maintained that he did nothing wrong and has never paid for sex with anyone.  

This is coming down to a he said, he said scenario, with Gaetz and Greenberg squaring off to decide who is more trustworthy. 

Considering how badly Democrats want to take out MAGA supporters, expect Gaetz to be given the short end of the stick regardless of the trustworthiness of Greenberg.  

Source: Daily Caller 

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40 Responses

  1. After CNN admitted to framing Trump, etc., who in their mind would believe any of this trash. No good comes from the press!

    1. Don’t believe this trash!CNN is a joke! Matt needs to suing them for fake news! Stop paying people to get the dirt on people! Will bankrupt soon enough! You have so many lawsuits against you hope you do go Bankrupt! That is one fake news we will get rid of!

      1. So that was someone else not Gaetz. Now we re responsible for the behavior if true of someone we are friends with? Heck I had some wild friends when I was young I never engaged in their activities. I guess now I would be guilty of all of it by virtue of knowing them?

      1. I believe Gaetz, Greenberg wants a patsy and I’m sure Pelosi is behind all of it. Most corrupt Democratic Party in history. I hope Gaetz doesn’t drop out, I would hate to see a smile on that wrinkled old bat. Her day is coming, and it’s going to be bad!

          1. Couldn’t have said it better. Poster child for term limits. Some voters have the same morals and will never vote her out. Term limits.

        1. AMEN, Granny. I think it is time that Congress outlawed the democratic party since it seems like the only thing they are capable of doing is filing false charges against the President, accusing republican office holders of gross immorality, and wasting our tax money on”honey” projects that will only build up the democratic party.

  2. I wonder what kind of deal they offered Greenberg to sign that confession? The Democrats are sneaky and I would not trust them as far as I could throw them. That’s not at all! I would believe Gaetz before any of them.

    1. I do as well and know because he is the target of Democrats because of his drive to expose them. I also know having been around the people in Congress that there are a great number of them who could be exposed with the same accusations. We all know about many of Epstein’s friends who are Democrats so why aren’t they going after them?

    1. Absolutely correct. Why is it that the REAL CRIMINALS are there dancing around free: i.e. HORRIBLE HILLARY, NASTY NANCY, SHIFTY SCHIFF, JAMES COMEY, AND I DON’T HAVE ENOUGH TIME TO MENTION THEM ALL.
      It makes me ill and oh, HUNTER BIDEN, investigation done on the Biden’s, crime known and there they are enjoying their freedom.

  3. When are they going after Touchy Feely Joe Crow Biden for touching a young (under 10) and she is annoyed at him. On TV camera, haven’t seen it in a while but it exists and he has been charged with rape. Legal system just turns there back on it cause he’s Democrat

  4. What a total bunch of liberal B.S. !!!!! Eventually the truth will come out and I just wonder how many high up democrat officials are going to be jailed for this pack of liberal lies ??? There is more slime in the democrat party than a Mississippi swamp !!

    1. Don compare this bunch to a Mississippi Swamp—-The swamp is crystal clean compared to this Liberal TRASH!! In the day they would have been Tar/Feathered and thrown in the Mississippi Swamp as food for the gators!! Thats what they ought to get now!!

  5. So I guess you don’t allow me to say what I want because it’s the truth about Hunter. Just live your censorship.

  6. So sad that many of the so-called conservative Republicans are just as rotten as the communist democrats.

    1. Hope you are talking about Rinos and not true blue Republicans of which make up the majority. My observation is that Republicans are too nice. I in no means want them to be rioters who destroy property and people. But they need to get more vocal and start impeachment of Biden and Kamala, Trump was impeached in the house for 1/1,000,000th of the criminal and/or unethical things Biden has done. Republicans need to grow a spine. God Bless America, and I am certain God has a plan to deal with this mess.

  7. Hate to say this but it’s all their world. I got my own and do not need another pulling me down. Someday it will all be over and the past won’t even exist let alone be remembered. Why be bothered.

  8. He should sue the media and his “friend”!!! Who in their right mind would have intimate relations with a “minor”? Gaetz is not a stupid man. More, in his position, he probably had women begging to have intimate relation with them. I believe the media is more corrupt than our current government!

  9. It is well known that the Democrats will pay for accusers to attack their opponents. This sounds like one of those situations. “The Daily Beast has reportedly secured the confession letter.” Not the law enforcement agency that is supposed to be investigating these accusations. Watch the bank account of Joel Greenberg and his spending. This is like the women that Michael Avenatti paraded before the media to accuse Justice Kavanaugh.

    1. I am sorry to say, but I am starting to believe that Kavanaugh is a poor choice for the Supreme Court. Not happy with some of his rulings.

  10. Follow the money. Check out everything financial from property to stocks to bank accounts, businesses or political contributions to anything Greenberg may have or has interests in. Is Greenberg being blackmailed? Why did Greenberg suddenly turn now, with what purpose? Who is really behind the curtain?

  11. Agree with all posts! Greenberg was “ bought”, probably threatened with something. I believe Gaetz, the truth will come out and Gaetz will prove his innocence. The demonrats will do anything to destroy anyone who does not agree with them. All of them are sewer roaches.

  12. Wouldn’t be surprised if the Democrats Set this all up to bring him down he was one of the worst critics and they didn’t like that remember we’re not supposed to talk bad thing about Democrats
    Their world is all Rosie and honest
    Well except for a few things Benghazi Obamagate fast and furious Hurricane Crossfire and doesn’t this seem to all be set up wouldn’t be surprised to find out the Democrats work with China to release a virus so Make it easier do you get mail in voting and voter fraud and look how quickly Joe Biden is pumping out executive order and why in the world with anybody open our borders during a pandemic and specially not checking them for the virus and all God don’t forget he’s spreading them across our country
    I think they got took by surprise by how fast the Vaccine was produced, But then again wait we can open our borders up and release the virus again they have to keep the American people locked down or else they wouldn’t get Away with half the stuff they’re doing
    And on top of that they’re using our tax dollars to destroy our country

  13. Ended the relationship until she came of age?
    Bogus BS fake news
    Normally U end it there & done.

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