Garland Finally Addresses FBI Raid on Trump’s Home

Today, Attorney General Merrick Garland confirmed that he approved the raid on Donald Trump’s home.

He held a press conference only moments ago to break the news due to the large amount of interest in the case.

He also lambasted the media, Trump, and the American people for daring to criticize the FBI over the unprecedented move.

Impeach This Man

Honestly, I could feel my blood boil with every word that came out of this man’s face.

Garland also stated that he had made a filing to have the search warrant unsealed.

He stated, “The public’s clear and powerful interest in understanding what occurred under these circumstances weighs heavily in favor of unsealing.”

If and when that happens, we will finally get the full details of what they were searching for and what was taken from the home.

He further stated, “I personally approved the decision to seek a search warrant in the latter.

“I will not stand by silently when their integrity is unfairly attacked.”

When he talked about nobody being above the law, I about spit my coffee out, thinking he has two of the most corrupt political figures of our time in this administration, not to mention all the crimes committed by Hunter Biden, and they have yet to be touched.

You can hear his press conference in the video below…

Now it is just a waiting game to see what is on that inventory list.

As I stated earlier, there are only two real outcomes from this.

They found something truly damaging that will end Trump politically or it is trivial nonsense and it will blow up in his face.

Honestly, even if they found classified documents, they will have to deal with the precedent of other presidents removing documents.

We can start with the 30 million or so documents that Obama has as well as the documents Joe Biden has at the University of Delaware.

Source: Politico

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52 Responses

    1. I know that this low life POS was nominated for a SCOTUS position, but I still can’t believe it. (I believe that Justice Scalia was eliminated to make room for Garland.)

    2. I would care less if I read in the paper Merrick Garland had a good heart attack or stroke. Well deserved. Along with Biden, Pelosi, Nadler, Schumer, Schiff, and other corrupt democrats….

  1. how about crooked Hillary and the 33,000 e-mails she deleted even though Congress had subpoenaed them?

  2. Garland why don’t you approve a search warrant on the White House for evidence of Biden knowing of his son’s dealings. That would indicate the Trump raid was not politically motivated. You should also approve a search warrant of Clinton’s house, Obama’s house, etc.


  3. Garland, your a politicized POS. You would do anything if biden told you too! Tour worthlessa and whrn the midterms are done, and the Conservatives own the House and senate, they will eat your azz up, along with dark brandon and the rest of the bunch of idiots.

  4. I’m truly glad Mr. Garland was prevented from being on the Supreme Court. He lies so fluently. Under his rule, there most certainly are two very different sets of justice – One for insider Democrats and one discriminatory, unfair approach for all conservatives.

  5. What about Clintons and Obama and Bidens. Look Into their doing and don’t tell the people there is no cause. If you do your a liar because there has been more cause for them to be investigated.

  6. This man MAKES ME PHYSICALLY SICK TO WATCH. How can anyone justify this move on President Trump when Hillary and Company, Obama and Company, and Biden and Company have done so many illegal things and they are not investigated in any meaningful way. Hillary, Barrack, Joe, Hunter, Schumer, Garland, Wray, etc. are so corrupt they have established a Banana Republic right before our eyes. This is unconscionable and unacceptable.

  7. You just lied to the entire nation! They day after the raid you said you had no clue of the raid. You even flushed dueprocess byplannig it so Trump was not there and removing his attornies to watch. All Americans are allowed to watch the search with legal attornies to make sure you were honoring the search guidelines your men even tried to shut off security video in the house! The crew refused so wheres the DVD disc of your 9 hours? You are a disgrace too your legal oath and should be disbarred. Is the FBI still using Hunters laptop is A Russian hoax! I am sure after Nov when the grilling starts you will get impeached! IND

    1. Remember what goes around comes around…or better still the Bible says you reap what you sow.
      ” whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap.”

  8. Garland is so full of it, his eyes are brown! Now he should go after obama & the bidens. Then maybe I would believe him. (doubt it). And when the Republicans take over they should try garland for lying to Congress.

  9. what a piece of human garbage… impeach this ahole, arrest him and defund the entire FBI and start over

    remember how this pos, like biden and piglosi, made their sons and family rich through corruption.. these freaks are all the same.. nothing but foul smelling trash

  10. Look at his CRT and his child’s business publishes the books. Can he be above the law? Sure seems like he and the Democrats are. Walking on water they are so great!

  11. It took him 3 days to figure out what to say.
    The dems always run & hide & doctor up or twist the facts to support their bs.
    It’s political persecution. The dems have nothing to stand on, they’re getting nervous because the American People are seeing through their attempts to destroy the American way. So ironic the dems ignore laws that doesn’t suit them but they break laws to justify their ineptness.
    FJB !!!

  12. This is how a true democracy works. Any politician calling The United States of America a democracy should be removed from their office immediately. This country is a Democratic Republic. Read the Constitution. All politicians take an oath to obey the Constitution.

  13. No one is above the law. What a joke. He has done nothing to Antifa, BLM, HUNTER Biden, Hillary Clinton, all the idiots committing acts of violence on the streets, the rioters who stole, distructed and harmed innocent people and destroyed buildings. He has totally disgraced our greT country.

    1. Good idea. Vote republican in November and call everyone you know to do the same. Let’s elect a different set of folks and hold them accountable.

  14. Garland coming out and reading meticulously prepared lies doe not change what we have witnessed. They were out of line and they know it, and no amount of bs will change that in the minds of the citizens.

  15. Yes, I can believe Garland was nominated for a position on the SCOTUS! Look who nominated him!! Big SURPRISE, RIGHT?? Now do we understand why Biden pushed for this?????

  16. Well if they are such professionals why did they not want any witnesses while they were searching, etc.. Thankfully this shxthead didn’t get to the Supreme Court. Sure was a lot of bullshxt coming out of him in a very short span of time.

  17. Garland should be impeached and probably put in jail, along with C. Wray and all involved in this shirade. The FBI should be eliminated and some new agency started without the garbage there now. And Joe Biden didn’t know about this? Why do you think he went hiding on an unscheduled vacation, now when the US people are struggling and needing some leadership, not a puppet. There is less than 90 days and there will be a new House & Senate to begin the track back to a Great America. The swamp needs to go!!!

  18. Ill bet this man could stand in front of of GOD and continue ti be the liar he really is. Lying is just his nature and that is just how it goes. He needs to burn in HELL.

  19. Garland is nothing but the demorats puppet!!! He is playing along with making all the federal agencies into the demorats’ private army. If we don’t do something, we will not have our country anymore. It is bad enough that we have a bunch of communists in there now, they have to go.

  20. Merrick Garland has now committed Treason including the entire Biden Administration which incorporates Obama and Soros.

  21. Do those idiots in the FBI and that fool Garland really think WE The PEOPLE are so stupid to believe anything they say anymore. They have lied so much they believe their own lies.

  22. I’m not generally a “conspiracy theory” thinking type of guy. But, with all that we are seeing happen, and with all we’ve seen for the past 6+ years, it really makes me scratch my head. Best I can hypothesize is one of two things that may have motivated such bonehead move as this “Raid”. 1) perhaps this “Mole” inside the Trump organization was thought so credible that everyone thought something concrete was to be found and there is no risk (downside) to conducting the raid in such a fashion. In this case, I think whomever the “Mole” maybe, should not have been trusted, and may have even been feeding intentionally false information to the FBI (in Trumps behalf). 2) Trump has superlative evidence as to the guilt of many people, and they know it. This was a last ditch effort to secure that evidence and destroy it. Call me crazy, but these are the only two things that would make sense. Either way, it seems they played right into Trumps hands. What a bunch of egotisitcal fools.

  23. When he talked about nobody being above the law, I about lost my crackers, thinking he has two of the most corrupt political figures of our time in this administration, not to mention all the crimes committed by Hunter Biden, and likely Old Joe, and they have yet to be touched.

  24. All this wasted time they are putting into going after Trump when we have a real crook in our White House right now???? What the hell is going on here? What country am I living in as it surely does not feel like America anymore.

  25. What a s—hook! Glad he is not a Supreme Court Judge! He is an A—Hole!!! He is mad because he didn’t get on the Supreme Court!!!

  26. Is this corrupted pedo serious ? Due process ?? Everyone is innocent until proven guilty ? Why doesn’t he say that to the political prisoners that have been charged with parading. He puts Pelosi family Biden family Clinton Obama’s and countless other in a padded bubble without having justice served for any of them. Thank God almighty he was not given a seat on the supreme courts benches. I cannot wait till Trump blows this whole investigation up in their faces with their planted crimes and illegal wiring devises. They are no doubt going to change and Docter edit and get rid of something and blame Trump. We all know Trump is 3 steps ahead of them and offered them anything they asked for prior to this raid. On his own free will. This plan is a evil and diabolical attempt to stop him from running. If they had nothing to hide there should have been transparency through entire search. I don’t care about body cameras they can be turned on and off at their discretion.


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