Georgia GOP Goes on the Attack Against Joe Biden

Joe Biden decided to commemorate his 100th day in office by visiting the state whose economy he has destroyed.  

After Biden showed up in Georgia, GOP officials and conservatives had no problem at all slamming Biden for encouraging the MLB to move the All-Star Game as well as painting the picture that the state’s current powers that be are racists.  

Leading the charge against Biden was current Attorney General Chris Carr. 

The Audacity 

The Democrat Party’s antics in Georgia probably ruined the summer plans for thousands or Georgians, but that mattered very little to Joe Biden.  

Joe Biden somehow viewed it as a victory that he had a major tourist event pulled from a minority-dominated state and sent to a state with a majority of white voters that also happens to have similar voting laws that Georgia has.  

Attorney General Carr had no problem at all pointing out the hypocrisy of it all.  

Carr stated, “One hundred days into a Biden administration, our new president’s style of governance is even more troubling than we could have imagined. 

“Though he promised unity and bipartisanship, we now see he is a puppet for the far left, and his pandering to his party’s base is causing real-world impacts for Georgians.” 

He also blasted Biden for blatantly misrepresenting the law to push a specific narrative, stating that Biden “owes them [Georgians] an apology for costing them an estimated $100 million, and he owes us all an apology for so blatantly lying about our election law that even the fawning national media had to correct him.” 

Carr was joined by Yale Law student Jeremy Hunt in his criticism of the White House occupant… 

I am still waiting for someone, anyone, to put Biden on the spot in an interview regarding the blatant lies he told about the Georgia election laws.  

Between public appearances and released statements, Joe Biden misrepresented the new law at least four times, probably more when you count his “Jim Crow” comments.  

Considering the Georgia election laws now provide more flexible voting than many blue states, including New York, it sure would be nice to get an answer from him. 

Source: Fox News 

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36 Responses

    1. Exactly. The Republican Party needs too stand in unity for once against this Communist Administration. Biden is a senile old man who needs to be put 6 feet under then we can deal with that ho of a Vice president and put her 6 feet under

      1. Mr. Michael I am in 100% agreement. Creepy Joe needs impeached for his many crimes against the United States. Biden is bankrupting our government and must be stopped before he starts a world war which would destroy the earth as we know it. This brain dead enemy of the USA must be stopped.

      2. Michael, most of us do not want them dead !!!! But we DO want them out of office replaced by those who can begin the clean up on this mess by Biden and his gang…….wat a mess we are in, but no do not want em dead….maybe in jail for the crimes they have and still are committing ? YES !

        1. I for one don’t want them killed unless it is by an illegal but it dozen’t hurt to wish for a natural death at their ages. Death is the only way they will stay away from politics,look at how Obama is still in the Whitehouse behind the scenes.

    2. I am on Attorney General Carr’s side. Biden is destroying the USA in MY view. And while I may die soon, I’d like to respect my nation UNTIL I DIE……Biden has prevented that…..he is horrid and should never be considered a President.

  1. Lying Joe Crow Biden has had the string you pull for apologizing and and telling the truth has been removed and no one in Congress knows where or how to re-attache it

  2. Joe Biden is Satan’s puppet folks. Take a serious look at all of his actions and ignore his lies. This man is so evil and has been for so many years that why Obama chose him. America is in a tough spot because we are not heard, we are basically silenced because the media also is owned by those working fir Satan. If you doubt my accusations then look at the time frame of January 20th 2009 to present and see Obama fingerprints in all the evil. He never went away after his initial destruction!

  3. Does everyone realize that this p.o.s. has spent $6.3 trillion in 100 days. China just bought $8.3 trillion in gold! He is selling us down the Yellow River. He’s too stupid to understand that if China gets in he will be one of the first to go.

    1. The problem that we are facing is that the elections will be rigged by the democrats for ever unless we march on Washington and throw them all out including the useless supreme court justices. Biden does not care for the country or the people. We will not have a country in 4 years if Biden stays in office. Therefore, the people must rise up and force this idiot Biden and the democrats out of office. The election was rigged and therefore, not valid. But, we must act fast before more damage is done.

  4. Michael Saunders, U.S. Army S.F. veteran of the Vietnam war and 23 years in law enforcement says:

    Joe Biden will never tell the truth about any thing. Biden lies all of the time about everything. Biden really needs to be impeached totally out of office along with Harris. They both are so bad for this country and the citizens of this country. Biden and Harris both have screwed everything up at our southern border. They both are hurting this country in so many ways.

    1. Michael Saunders: First, thank you for your years of service. You are 100% correct; Dementia Joe & his useless sidekick have got to go. Only problem is, if we somehow managed to make that happen, we’d be stuck with the terminally stupid, die-hard rabid liberal Pelosi. She is & has been a plague & cancer on our government for years. She only cares about her own pocketbook & she’s power hungry. Her state & district are a mess & she cares not. She hates America & Americans. Plus she’s afraid of us, as shown by her refusal to remove the fence around the Capitol. She’s always been a hater & went out of her way to demonize Trump & everything he did/tried to do. During Trump’s 4 years she purposely played politics to block legislation, stall everything & was the driving force behind those idiotic impeachments. How do we rid ourselves of Pelosi & her enablers in Congress? CA cannot or will not remove her.

  5. Biden doesn’t know what he’s doing because Obama is running this DOG and PONY show, along with Sanders, Harris, Kelly, Pelosi, The Squad, Nadler, Schumer, Waters, Schiff & the rest of those GOONS IN THE WHITE HOUSE!! But SOROS is doing all the financing, and he is a NAZI!! H e is the one that started this illegal immigrant crisis, he is the main one that should be held accountable too!!!

  6. A wake up call for Bumble Joe:What goes around comes around.Wake up & get a whiff of the crap you so liberally like to spread around Mr. Pres.!

  7. take out that demented puppet…He is an ILLEGAL president anyway…..GO GEORGIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Does everyone know how to tell if left winger is lying? Answer: If their mouth is moving they either lying or chewing gum.

  9. Come on people you know dam well he lies why would you even believe that he’s gonna do what he says he’s g oing to you act as if it is such a surprise that biden would even do what he says he lies and won’t stop lying so wake up he needs to be impeached and the other demo f!#&@#s

    1. The auto unions backed that imbecile and now they see they screwed up big time. Not has only dementia joe ruined us finically but his actions have lost thousands of jobs. The ILLEGAL ALIENS should be shot when they try to cross the border and I have no sympathy toward them. That ahole promised the people of Georgia $2K if they voted for the two demonRATS running for the Senate and look where that got them. Because of dementia joe, slithering harris and traitor pigsi America is the laughing stock of the world. Needless to say our national security is in big trouble.

  10. Biden is without ant doubt the biggest liar that has ever been appointed to the office of President !!! WHAT A DISGRACEFUL JOKE !!!! JOE AND KUMSWALLOW BOTH DESERVE THE DEATH PENALTY !!!! COMMUNIST LIBERAL TRASH !!!

  11. We also need to show Biden we will have CONSTITUTIONAL CARRY put into law in this state and puts the Constitution first FOR Americans in Georgia! Keep our Constitution and Bill of Rights free from communists who want to ruin our country. If they go against our Constitution the bills thy introduce should never be law and we will treat them as no law

  12. You are wise lady, Kathy…but Biden was chosen cause he is a puppet and one who is looking grey with his age and his chaos he has created in our country, that was running pretty durn well when he took over !!! Fact is he can’t top Trumps accomplishments and day by day he comes up with more outlandish schemes to stick an EO with……. The country will have to band together to right these wrongs and soon or we will no longer BE a country, the longer we wait, the worse it gets. I have noticed that people in our states are beginning to strike back at Biden when is in the wrong by our laws. LORD help this county !!

  13. A nice “Rubber Cell” with only soft toys to play with – would be more appropriate for brainless individuals (people?) like those two.

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