Ginsburg’s Own Words Shatter Narrative on Dems SCOTUS Objection

Democrats right now are having a hissy fit over Trump possibly nominating a new SCOTUS pick before the election.

They are demanding that with the election so close, Trump loses the right to select a nominee, but that is not the case.

Ginsburg was actually asked about this during the end of Obama’s term, and her answer just completely derails the narrative by Democrats.

Quick History Lesson

The media and Democrats right now are blasting McConnell as a hypocrite for wanting to put a SCOTUS nominee on the floor when he blocked Obama’s pick with nine months left in his term.

However, when McConnell did that, he also offered up a small history lesson.

That lesson was that since the late 1800s, no opposing party in the Senate had EVER voted through a SCOTUS nominee during the last year of a presidency.

With a Republican president and a Republican majority in the Senate, that “tradition” does not hold.

Ginsburg’s Own Words

Even though that had been the tradition for more than a century, at the time, Ginsburg did not believe it should be honored.

When asked if the Senate should move forward with Barack Obama’s nominee to replace the late Justice Scalia, Ginsburg stated,  “That’s their job.

“There’s nothing in the Constitution that says the president stops being president in his last year.”

She was asked later in the term about trying to operate the court with only eight justices, and she stated, “Eight is not a good number.”

Yet, her alleged “most fervent wish” was to have the next president appoint her successor.

So, you see, the most adored justice in the history of the left only wanted to circumvent the unwritten rules when it did not serve her own purposes.

It once again shows the hypocrisy of our entire political system as well as how much politics has infiltrated our judiciary, including the Supreme Court.

Sources: The Blaze, New York Times, & Washington Post

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