Ohio’s Tim Ryan Goes Extremist on MAGA Movement

Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH) just used language that would have created national outrage if he were a Republican.

The new narrative by Democrats is that MAGA Republicans are considered extremists.

They need to be rooted out and exposed.

Well, I would consider myself a MAGA conservative, but I am hardly an extremist.

Yet, according to Rep. Ryan, who is running against JD Vance for the Ohio Senate seat, other Americans need to “kill and confront” this “extremist” movement.

Out of His Mind

I don’t care how you frame it, this man’s words incite violence against anyone daring to say that America should come first.

Ryan stated, “The Democrats aren’t right on everything.

“And I’m willing to sit down and have conversations about how we can move out of this age of stupidity and into an age of reconciliation and reform.

“Some of those answers will come from Republicans, not the extremists that we are dealing with every single day, we’ve got to kill and confront that movement, but working with normal mainstream Republicans, that’s going to be really, really important.”

This is a dangerous place that Democrats, including Joe Biden, are taking us into.

They want one voice, their voice, and if you disagree with that voice, you must be put down like a rabid dog.

Democrats will never admit it, but this country was founded on MAGA principles.

I am all for political arguments and debates, but to openly put a target on the heads of the opposition, well, they are biting off far more than they can chew.

I firmly believe that Democrats want an uprising; they want something far worse than what happened on January 6 for the sole purpose of having a reason to eliminate the resistance to turning the United States into a socialist country.

Source: The Blaze

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