GOP Comes Out Firing with Inflation Ads to Take Down Biden, Dems

Let the games begin…

The GOP is done playing nice, and it has taken out new ads that will hit home with Americans over the holiday season.

Expect to see a lot of commercials over the holiday season reminding you of how much more you are paying for things courtesy of Joe Biden.

Time to Strike

The GOP has the Democrat Party hanging over a fire with a mere strand of fiber dictating the party’s fate.

If the GOP ever had a golden opportunity to make a dramatic swing in Congress, this is it.

Republicans realize that, and they are making several moves to capitalize on this bad run by Biden.

First, the party is releasing a new ad highlighting the higher costs of goods due to rising inflation…

Additionally, the GOP has extended its Democrat “target list” to yet another 13 Democrats.

Biden’s policies and reckless spending are no longer sitting well with Americans, so the GOP is going for a record number of flipped House seats in the 2022 election.

There are now 27 seats being targeted, which is on top of the usual turnover we generally see after a presidential election.

History tells us that about two dozen seats will be flipped, which would give Republicans a significant edge, but I believe it will be closer to three dozen seats flipped.

While nothing is certain, the House turning is a fairly safe bet.

The Senate, however, is a different story.

Even though I believe Republicans will hold a two or three-seat advantage come January 2023, it will not be nearly enough for a supermajority.

Even so, it will turn Biden into a lame duck, which is a victory in and of itself.

Source: Fox News

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4 Responses

    1. Vote out dems in House and Senate, get a big Republican majority and then impeach Biden. If need be, impeach Harris also. Maybe the good Lord will give Pelosi and a few other dems and turcoats in Congress a good heart attack or stroke, a high speed collision with a drunk driver, etc.

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