GOP House Member Charges Biden with ‘Doing Nothing’ to Stop Flow of Drugs

One of the reasons Donald Trump was so adamant about locking down our border was to curb the flow of drugs into the country.

Traffickers can get very creative in sneaking drugs over the border, so there is little doubt that the expedited measures this administration uses to push illegals through processing allow more and more drugs to get into the country.

Democrats can deny it all they want, but the numbers do not lie, and Rep John Katko (R-N.Y.) is calling out Biden for “not doing anything” to slow down, let alone stop, the flow of drugs over our border.

Do Something, Anything!

Earlier this year, we saw some pretty disturbing videos coming from the border.

The cartel seems to have this down pat…

They use their traffickers to load up areas where they know border agents are patrolling to overwhelm the agents.

Then, as agents are busy trying to round up hundreds of illegals, they conduct their real business down the river just a bit further, allowing their operatives to cross untouched.

Over the past year, our country has seen a significant influx of illegal drugs, yet most mainstream media outlets are refusing to connect the dots to protect Biden.

Rep. Katko has done so, however, stating, “One thing cartels know: When the border is secure, it’s much more difficult for them to get the drugs across.

“When it’s not secure, it’s a piece of cake for them. And that’s what we’re seeing now.

“When the president opened up the border last year and allowed people to flow into this country, it was a boon for the cartels.”

As I stated earlier, the numbers do not lie, with more than 100,000 deaths related to drug overdoses over a 12-month span.

That is an increase of almost 29 percent over the same period from the prior year.

To that point, Katko stated, “It’s creating a mess in the United States all over the place.

“Over 100,000 people in the last year have died from drug overdoses, and the vast majority had been laced with fentanyl.

“And the seizing of fentanyl at the border in the last year, to kill every man, woman and child in the United States, is seven times over.”

He concluded, “It’s a crisis this administration has created and he’s not doing anything about it.”

Now if we could only get the media to cover it that way.

Source: Fox News

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13 Responses

  1. Charge him with everything on the books, because he’s doing nothing for our country, but he’s doing everything to destroy it.

    1. I agree Robert…what in the h**l is it going to take to impeach him. They’re all saying he needs to be impeached, but not one of them have done what it would take to get him out of the WH and send him back to his basement. He probably wouldn’t know the difference. I believe Obama and Pelosi and lord who else, are mostly behind all this horror. Biden doesn’t have enough brain cells that it would take to come up with everything; maybe I’m wrong.

  2. I personally believe every Dem and person involved in the Treason they have all committed should be given Life In Imprisonment or face a firing Squad for the Treason they committed.

  3. Between DOJ, FBI and Nancy Pelosi Joe Biden will not be impeach or arrested. Have to get rid of Nancy Pelosi to get the impeachment going. Our justice system, military have been turned into deep state gutter rats.

  4. When Republicans take over the House and Senate, they need to immediately begin impeachment proceedings against Biden and Harris!

  5. Whether it was Obama who sent weapons to the cartels that got 2000 Mexicans murdered along with a Border Patrol agent or Biden, it’s just more of the same! Strengthen the cartels who extort, murder and otherwise intimidate the Central American populations who then flee north to enrich the cartels all the more bringing drugs into the States along with illegals to vote for them. So long as illegals VOTE FOR DEMS and provide cheap later for city commerce, DEMS DO NOT CARE!!!! (this has been the utterly criminal playbook of the dems for the past 20 years as the stupid American electorate has tolerated it in the name of equality and sympathy for those populations that their policies ALL THE MORE PERSECUTE)… what imbeciles!!

  6. He has done nothing for our country except run it down. He is a traitor and a liar and a deceiver. He says whatever pops into his head and never any thought about the consequences. He is a puppet. Obama and Soros are the Pupperteers.

  7. And the “Wet Backs” at the Southern border ARENT EVEN BEING LOOKED AT FOR THE “CHINESE fLU”. . . while many citizens are being bullied or worse in their daily life ! ! !

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