GOP Memo: Most Afghan Evacuees NOT Vetted

When DHS Secretary Mayorkas was sitting before Congress, he swore all the evacuated Afghans had been evacuated on the ground or in the air.

I can comfortably say that is a lie based on the other testimony from military leaders.

A recent memo by Senate Republicans appears to call out Mayorkas on this blatant lie.

Let Them In

We know from our military leaders that it was too hectic to do vetting at the Kabul airport during the evacuation.

Most of the refugees were not vetted until they were put up in camps, the complete opposite of what Mayorkas claimed.

A Washington Examiner report cited a GOP memo claiming very few of the 82,000 evacuees were appropriately vetted.

The memo goes on to say that most of the information provided by the tens of thousands of refugees during their in-person interviews has yet to be fully vetted.

One source told the publication, “They’re not experts in Afghan identifications.

“And so, whether you had one or didn’t have one or you had one and it was fraudulent, it was fake, none of that — it didn’t matter.”

If this report is accurate, Republicans must come forward immediately and demand action.

This is something that clearly cannot wait until Republicans take back Congress.

You can read the full report in the Washington Examiner.

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3 Responses

  1. By the reports, only 3% of the Afghans that forced their way onto the planes had SIV status. The other 97% included unvetted, unidentified Afghans, including terrorists. Thank you Biden for further endangering our country, selling us out to our enemies, allowing our borders to be controlled by drug cartels to flood our communities with terrorists, criminals, druggers, violent gangs, unidentified illegals from all over the world and who knows what other kinds of criminals. This is treason, just like Afghanistan, of the highest order. And h e is worried about US citizens getting vaccinated. Vaccinate the illegals, so they will die off, like you want for citizens.

  2. America new the way Biden screw up, that the people on those planes from Afghanistan wouldn’t be vetted. Just the way the illegal people that are poring across our border have not been vetted or have the vaccine. What about all the children ages 5 to 11 being given the vaccine. The children are being trafficking thru the many charity’s, especially the catholic charity. I wouldn’t trust any charity in the United States they are all crooks.

  3. . illegals vetted as the rats really want all Americans gone so they think they” rats” can then control the idiotts that put the rats in office SO that is why the illegals are never going to be VETTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    That is why all our statues are gone hopping that they will have NO PUSH BACK ON HOW THIS COUNTRY WAS FORMED BY CHRISTIAN PEOPLE. NOT IDIOTTS LIKE WE HAVE IN OFFICE NOW that have NEVER BELIEVED IN GOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! only believe in money and self!!!!!!!!!!!!

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