GOP Rep: Pallets of Baby Formula for Migrants

Recently, our supply chain issues have resulted in a shortage of baby formula on the shelves.

If you are on social media, you are seeing the panic from parents.

Well, as it turns out, illegal immigrants are not having the same problems.


This week, Rep. Kat Cammack (R-FL) broke the news that she knows where everyone can get some formula.

Cammack shared a picture of a local target that had almost nothing on the shelves.

On the flip side of that, pallets are being sent to border facilities for illegal immigrants.

Cammack stated, “He, as a border patrol agent, just took in pallets, pallets of baby formula for all of the illegals that are crossing into the United States.”

Here is the video report she released…

She also sent out some pictures on Twitter…

And people wonder why America first is becoming more and more popular.

Source: Breitbart

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33 Responses

  1. I am so outraged by Biden, Obama Biden’s prop, and the whole Demonrate part I am ‘ready when you are’ to end this…it is outrageous that our own citizens and their families are being denied what their own children need. It makes me furious.

    1. No matter what the product is that is in short supply, a very nice supply can be found wherever the illegals are…! What do the people of this country think…, they are here, a total of some 50,000,000, not the 12 to 20 million the BS PRESS is feeding people. How does anyone think president bidet and the democrat communists are taking care of them??? Oh, BTW…, SHORTAGES = INFLATION! IS THERE ANYONE IN THIS COUNTRY THAT CAN DO BASIC ARITHMETIC?

      1. I advised this in a post prior that formula was in Texas at the border for the illegals!!!
        So we as Americans should go retrive it!!!!
        So be it folks for AMerica first
        All you voters dead alive or with double votes put Biden in and the rest of
        the Dems who do not give a rip for America!!!!
        Be wise when you vote this in Nov.



  2. You’re a traitor. You don’t care about the US citizens. You’re suppose to protect the people here not through them under the bus. You only care about how you can benefit from your screwed up decisions. You should be ashamed of yourself and your son. Hopefully you’ll be impeached ASAP. The worst ever.

    1. I am so sick of this scumbag! The ONLY consolation I have is knowing that when he meets his Maker, hell is where he’ll spend eternity!

  3. We have been sold out, when our leader takes care of illegal a/holes before the citizens of this country, babies That should send a very strong message to everyone in this USA. All the talk about Biden being sick is no excuse for this, he is sick alright, sick in the head (evil) is what his problem is, along with the demorats supporting him. The patriots in this country have to take a stand against these evil demons, the sooner, the better we are being pushed into a corner, enough is enough.

    1. Sleepy Joe is a puppet pawn for obama. Obama has communist leanings as does the current VP..
      Impeaching Joe puts the closet commie in the first chair, someone who hasn’t been able to perform with any sense of credibilty as the VP!! Beyond the WH, the Capitol is a rat’s nest, and both sides of the aisle are dirty. It’s past time to Drain The Swamp!!!!

  4. The blame on Biden”s fraudulent election should go square on the backs of those that committed the fraudulent 2020 election ballots. It was observed just in Michigan a heavy set black lady piling in about 20 to 30 fraudulent ballots and a Postal clerk doing the same thing. That to me shows me how ignorant those people are!

  5. All of the People in America that participated in placing fraudulent ballots should be singled out and charged with a minimum of 10 years in prison without the chance of a parole or reduced sentence. The Fraudulent ballots were in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Minnesota, Arizona, Georgia, California, Nevada, & many other states.

  6. I just do not understand why the people of New York constantly vote for a Dem and do not use their intelligence? The people in the State of California do the same thing. I have noticed that people who are school teachers & professors have a great deal of education, but they do not have any common sense when it comes to basic economics.

  7. This excuse for a man put his hand on the Bible and swore to protect us! He needs to go to court and be labeled a TRAITORwith the rest of his incompetent people, not one person in this administration should be there, no one has the competence to be in our government, God help us all

  8. This treasonous administration needs to be arrested imprisoned and hung.and if the American people don’t rise up and take control of our government we ei soon be a dictatorship. All democrats suck!

  9. Biden is sending a message to all the moms out there who need baby formula. “You made the wrong decision when you decided to go through with your pregnancy. You needed to abort your baby and because you didn’t do so I will find another way to kill your child since you made the wrong decision the first time. One way or another your child will be dead and I will make sure you learn your lesson one way or another.” This is one sick and demented man who needs to be taken out. First it was more people dying of covid on his watch and now he wants babies dead because the moms didn’t abort them. This guy is in bed with Planned Parenthood.

  10. Another example of how Biden does NOT care about WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES!!! Shame on him!!!

  11. Biden needs to be dropped from plane over Mexico with no way back. and if his parachute doesn’t open well who cares?

  12. I don,t understand how this demented president and his evil administration get away with destroying our country where are the Republicans rise up do something before we have no country, our babies have no formula Biden made sure the illegals babies are being feed but who care about the American babies, I am so fit up with this heinous evil administration yet nothing is done. All the people who voted for Biden I hope your feeling it.

  13. I am very, very pi**ed about the overall situation that this country is in because a TRUE FRAUD is in charge. He is going to hand us over to the WHO before the November election. Once this happens, as a country we are done then. There will be no turning back. He truly knows what he is doing. And the REPUBLICIANS ARE LEAVING THIS HAPPEN. We will have no say over anything to do with OUR HEALTH, after this it will keep going until the COUNTRY IS COMPLETELY OUT OF OUR HANDS, DONE FOREVER. Why do you think he will not take the so-called HEALTH EMERGENCY off. COVID is well over even the FDA said get used to it, COVID will be around forever. Treat it as the flu. He takes the EMERGENYCY OFF, then he will not be able to hand over this countries sovereignty to WHO. Now they are trying to kill our babies also, they are losing the battle with ABORTION, so hey let us do this another way. These idiots are so full of hate for this country and AMERICANS it is unbelievable. DONE WITH THEM…..We need help to save the COUNTRY. WE ALL NEED TO PRAY TO GOD….UNITED WE STAND

  14. As soon as the Republicans take over the House and Senate; biden, harris, and pelosi should be immediately impeached with the new Repulican leader of the house made President (third in line of succession). The former occupants that were impeached should then be charged with; 1-failure to abide by their oath of office, 2-derilection of duty,3-treason, 4-traitors, 5-sedition, 6-murders. The constitution list 1 crime—treason, and 1 publishment if found guilty—execution.

  15. Makes my blood boil all the crap this man has done against the citizens of the USA. Even the news will not report this correctly, they are blaming the makers of formula instead of telling the people the pallets of formula shipped to the illegals at the border.

  16. If he’s going to represent Mexico he should move there and run for office. In fact he can take Newsom with him. Neither of them are serving the people that put them in office

  17. Buying wetback votes with baby formula stripped away from the American people that cannot find the formula to feed AMERICAN babies!!!! This illegal Demorat regime has got to be removed!!!

  18. For God’s sake, Biden, will you EVER GET ANYTHING RIGHT??? When you said that your son, Hunter, was the smartest man you know, that was pathetic. The only thing you two were smart about was CHEATING THE USA!!! YOU BOTH SHOULD GO TO PRISON NOW!!!

  19. 177 more days until we take back our country.
    We need poll watchers in WI, namely Milwaukee; GA; AZ- Maricopa and Yuma Counties; MI, NV…step up and volunteer.

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