GOP Says House Approval to Add D.C. as State is Power Grab

This week, Democrats made yet another move to grab power in our political world by putting D.C. up for statehood.

This is so blatantly corrupt, yet nobody is calling it just that.

The land where D.C. lies currently falls under Maryland’s territory but it was ceded to the federal government to create the nation’s capital (the original plot of land belonged to both Virginia and Maryland).

However, if D.C. is given statehood, it would give even more power to Democrats, as it is no secret the city is dominated by the left.

Rep. Andy Harris (R-MD) made that exact point, stating, “This is not Congress’ land. This is Maryland’s land.

“Maryland gave it to the United States for the sole purpose of the permanent federal enclave.

“The nerve of hundreds of my colleagues on the other side other aisle thinking it’s their land. It’s Maryland’s land.

“And if you want voting rights. It’s simple. Do exactly what occurred in 1847 and give the land back to Maryland.”

“This is a pure political ploy.”

Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) also spoke against the power grab by Democrats…

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