GOP to Expose Biden’s Tax Shelter Hypocrisy

A major focus for Democrats during the Trump presidency was Trump’s tax returns.

They wanted them because they wanted to show what tax loopholes Trump used to pay less taxes.

Well, that little stunt is going to backfire, largely because Joe Biden used the same loopholes to avoid paying excess taxes on the millions he made on his book sales and speaking fees after leaving office.

Right is Right

Most of us despise taxes, so this tactic that Democrats used against Trump never really hurt him.

As long as you follow the tax laws and pay that final number, who cares, right?

Well, Democrats wanted Trump to pay more in taxes voluntarily, even though the highest-ranking members of their party did not do the same.

Do you think Pelosi overlooks tax loopholes when she files? Or Bernie Sanders? Or Kamala Harris?

Of course not, and neither did Joe Biden.

Biden is now trying to close tax loopholes that he took advantage of, which would be because he already made his money.

At the heart of the issue for Republicans is the closing of the S-corporation, something that creates a pass through for small business owners and allows you to pay a lower tax rate.

Joe Biden did this in 2017, 2018, and 2019, rerouting a total of $13 million through two different companies.

Now, I want to be clear, Biden did nothing illegal here, but he saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes by doing so.

Republican Study Committee Chairman Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) stated, “House Democrats used their oversight power to subpoena Trump for his tax returns, but they’ve completely ignored Joe Biden’s abuse of our tax code.

“When we take back the House in 2022, Oversight [Committee] Republicans won’t forget about Biden’s legally dubious tax avoidance schemes.”

Banks actually penned a letter to Joe Biden on March 25, stating, “Press reports indicate that you both directed revenue from book royalties and speaking appearance fees into these two corporations avoiding self-employment payroll tax liabilities that would have flowed to America’s Medicare program that provides care to over 60 million seniors.”

Banks further stated, “The ACA imposed higher taxes on millions of Americans, but not Joe Biden.

“He paid $121,000 less in ObamaCare taxes thanks to an obscure tax loophole. Talk about inside baseball.

“Joe Biden advocated for expanding Medicare and is pushing to close tax loopholes and for a $3 trillion tax hike.

“At the same time, ‘Amtrak Joe’ made $13 million through speaking fees in just three years, then skimped over $500,000 from Medicare recipients through tax loopholes.”

Several publications have already looked into this and have estimated that Joe Biden saved himself about $500,000 in taxes by filing this way.

Yet, I have not yet heard a single media outlet question him about it, nor have I heard any Democrat chair demand an investigation into Joe Biden’s taxes.

You can read more details about Biden’s taxes on Fox News.

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34 Responses

    1. Well, he has done his best to not only still America, but now the AMERICANS AS WELL!!! His hiding in the basement like he was ashamed to show his face for fear that he just “might Screw-up,,,and he was right !!! He has,,,BADLY, and the dang fool doesn’t know plus from minus!! He is sending America into a downhill spiral that will never end!! I am TOTALLY SICK OF THIS DINGBAT!

  1. You never will hear anything about Chin joe’s taxes because the demonRATS cover their own. I own my own home so I can’t get any kind of break on my taxes and have to file using the short form. Who writes these tax laws anyway? Whoever does makes sure there is a back door so they can claim great tax deductions and manipulate their returns and that is how the rich stay rich. When the demonRATS declare they are going to tax the rich is not true, by taxing the rich they are really sticking it to the little guy.

  2. As the Bible says, “Be sure your sins will find you out”. He might think he got away with something but he didn’t. Judgement day is coming, he can’t escape that one!

  3. Figures, everything is ok for Dems to do but a Republican better not and if they were caught it would be all over every media outlet! How about Dems start leading by example!

  4. Have you wonder how much of a Stimulus check Biden gets from China?
    Or even the Mexican cartels
    The cartels make millions in just one day
    So you know they can easily pay Joe Biden 1 million a day to keep our borders open
    And remember When El Chapo Was arrested he claimed he was paying Nancy Pelosi big bribe money to keep the borders open of course that was quickly swept under the rug

  5. Joe Biden and all the rest of the democrats always cheat and lie about everything . You can’t trust the democrats in any way or shape or form.

    1. Why don’t they investagate the last election poles that were questionable???? You might find the answer!!!!!

  6. people in our great america. wake up and have biden,harris piglosi and shumer removed. they lie everyday about themselves and our country. they don t care for the american people just power. there destroying our country.impeach everyone of these demorats.thats what they are r a t .s trump we need you now.

  7. Its the same old thing: Democrats attacking Republicans when Trump was president and now Republicans attacking Democrats now with Biden as president but Trump will be attacked even after he dies. Our government has become a three stooges joke. (House, Senate and President)

  8. Just as the dumbocrats gave hell to Trump the republicans need to do the same to Biden. It starts with Cruz, Abbott, and all the republicans in some kind of office. They need to become a Pelosi and Schummer and expose Biden and his crooks. Will our representatives in the House and Senate step up for us? Let us see. Biden needs to be impeached and Harris also as the vp. Neither one of them is fit to run our country, we all know that. It will take only one Republican Senate member to start the process. Fight for our country and let’s clean up all this all this corruption. It’s now and not ever……….People are fed up with how our country is being brought to ruin because those that are suppose to run our country fair and square are in it for themselves.

  9. Biden and the dems are so hateful. Where is their Christian religion. It says that lying and cheating are wrong. Also it says that you should love your neighbor and pray for those that despitefully use you. I think the dems missed that when and if they ever did go to church.

  10. Maybe the politicians who wrote the tax laws should be the ones we should be upset with. How about a flat % that we all pay. Those who wrote the tax laws should not be the ones that benefit from them.

  11. Biden is one sneaky snake of a human, there’s not a honest bone in that weakened frail body of his, supposedly a Catholic, he’s nothing close to having religion in his body… he’s nothing more than the walking Devil himself… I have no use for a spineless hypocrite that bleeds the senior citizens out of their deserved money for his profit… everytime I see him with that fake smile saying how he’s going to do this and that just makes me want to spit in his face… I’m sorry but this man is a ruthless egotistic maniac that needs to be thrown out of office on his butt

  12. Shut down all Tax shelters since only Dems abuse for more power OR make = for all sides.
    Readopt for Today

  13. You Democraps wanted good old Joe!!! Now you got him. Soooo What’s the problem???? Still think Trump won.

  14. All of those in the administration should have their taxes investigated for irregularities or fraud. If they go after Trump, then each and everyone of those wanting his taxes investigated need theirs investigated as well.

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