Governor Andrew Cuomo: ‘I am NOT resigning’

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has a mountain of evidence against him, but he remains defiant.  

Even after numerous officials have come forward pointing to wrongdoing and outright idiotic policies on several fronts, Cuomo continues to blame his problems on Donald Trump.  

Cuomo again stated that he would not stop down, stating that Trump politicized the DOJ to attack him, which he says this is really all about.  

If That’s True… 

Cuomo seems to forget that the nursing home issue really started to roll downhill when his own AG investigated the misreporting of numbers regarding nursing home deaths.  

That is when the horrific nursing home policy really became known, as did many other abuses of office Cuomo has been charged with. 

We should also note it was largely Democrat state political leaders that really dialed into Cuomo, not Trump and not the Republicans 

After railing about the bad orange man, Cuomo defiantly stated, “I did nothing wrong … period. 

“And I’m not resigning and I’m doing my job every day.” 

I guess we will all see about that soon enough.  

Source: Daily Caller 

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14 Responses

  1. Be a man, Cuomo. Admit your wrong doings and step down graciously. All your doing, now, is extending people’s pain and agony through your arrogance and belligerence.

    1. CHUCK
      How can he be a MAN and do what he did to all those WOMAN that is NOT a MAN IT IS AN ANIMAL HE THINKS HE CAN DO WHAT EVER HE WANTS IMPEACT HIM PUT HIM IN JAIL

  2. I hope your enormous ego helps you out while you sit in jail for the nursing home deaths Andy!

  3. Andrew Cuomo deserves to be in jail! He knows it and the world knows it, he is just too STUPID to figure it out!!!!

  4. If The conservative Senate would have him arrested using the Constitution as their law he would be in jail.

  5. Andrew Cuomo’s actions killed thousands of people and possibly tens of thousands in not just the nursing homes. And he has the nerve to say he did nothing wrong. This man needs to be criminally charged forget about resigning he needs to be in jail period.

  6. Andrew Cuomo was born into a mafia family. The same is probably true for Pelosi. Its a
    shame that Americans voted such evilness into American public office.

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