Graham Continues to Push Abortion Legislation Before Mid-term Elections

As most of you know, I do not really like Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.).

That dislike has grown considerably over the last week and more so today with Graham continuing to push his abortion legislation.

Not only that, but he is also pushing back against the GOP narrative that abortion belongs with the states.

Bad Timing

Graham saved Biden last week by pushing his abortion legislation the same day the inflation report came out.

He continues to push it and swim upstream where most Republicans reside on this issue.

Graham stated, “This is not a states’ rights issue. This is a human right issue.

“So, no matter what California or Maryland will do … I am going to advocate a national minimum standard.”

Defending his legislation, he stated, “After [Democrats] introduced a bill to define who they are, I thought it’d be nice to introduce a bill to define who we are.”

Graham also took a shot at Senator McConnell (R-KY) for saying this should stay at the state level.

He added, “And let me tell you why I think Mitch is wrong. He’s pro-life.

“So, let’s talk about a broken border. Let’s talk about rampant crime.

“Let’s talk about out-of-control inflation.

“Let’s talk about failing foreign policy and withdrawal from Afghanistan.

“But when you’re on the stump, people need to know who you are and where you are.”

Now, I am already on record saying I think we can find a middle-ground that would put this issue to bed.

However, I also stated that the timing of Graham was inexcusable.

We had all the momentum and he just put an anvil on the train tracks.

Graham has too much experience for this to be an accident, so the only conclusion that can be drawn is that he is purposely trying to help out his old buddy, Joe Biden.

I don’t trust the man… and I never will.

Source: The Hill

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29 Responses

  1. this MF has to go, so he is saying that 15 week abortion is ok, the baby at this point FEELS PAIN…I want these BIG, FAT RINOS out of congress

    1. I sent him an email the day after he introduced this bill with the subject “what are you doing???”

      I told him he is trying to throw the republican midterms.

      He has responded to me in the past but not this time.
      Cruz signed on to it to I believe. Disgusting!!!!

  2. Lindsey, who would name a boy Lindsey, is attempting to aid the Dems in the upcoming November elections by pushing his abortion b.s. Graham is a RINO certain and true and needs to be outed and unelected next time for the good of the party. He is a lying po scumbag chit. Always has been; always will be.

  3. Lindsey Gram is a complete blundering fool. Is he trying to scuttle the chance of taking back the House and Senate. He needs to pull his head out and shut up. Now is not the time to grandstand.

  4. Graham is a backstabber and all mouth. What did the Supreme Court say? Abortion belongs to the states not the Federal Government. Graham could screw up a one car funeral.

  5. Lindsey is also a warhawk, putting American lives in danger avocating war in countries where we should have no reason to be

  6. mr graham, WHERE, in our Constitution, does it allow tor the Federal gov’t to regulate MURDERS of unborn infants??? I can’t find that, & don’t even try the 14th A; a CONSPIRACY isn’t private! Stop lying & join your fellow Dems!

    1. I totally agree, I can.t believe Graham has become a traitor. He needs to leave the republican Party now. We dont want or need him. Begone Graham.

  7. I hope the people of South Carolina will wake up
    to this terrible, hypocritic, nut. I can’t understand
    how he keeps getting re-elected. Do the people
    really think he is looking out for them. WAKE UP.

  8. I like Lindsey Graham most of the time, but every so often he takes positions that I can respect, but absolutely find dumb or things I can’t support. Of course I consider myself very conservative.

  9. He (Lindsey Graham) added, “And let me tell you why I think Mitch is wrong. He’s pro-life.”
    That’s very telling. Graham says that Mitch is wrong about abortion, not because his argument is flawed, not because there’s evidence to the contrary. Mitch is wrong because he’s on the other side of the argument. That’s such a typically leftist way of thinking. Graham needs to be voted out of office.

  10. Graham must be deaf and blind. Scotus sent abortion to the states. Leave it alone graham, and stop hindering the chances at a big time victory in November. Time for you to resign.

  11. So lindsy Graham hates the word of GOD,as do the demoncrets.
    GOD suffer the little children to come unto me. Does this make sense to you.
    Graham is a bleeding heart rino democrete.
    I understand about Abortion, my wife had terminal cancer.
    She got pregnant, the doctor showed me the ultra sound.
    That child could not be recoginized as a human being.
    The doctor said if she goes further she will not live.
    I know a person with terminal cancer will die anyway.
    The operation was perforned and she lived for three more years.
    And yes i got a vasectomy so she wouldn’t have to endure this again.
    I will have to attone with GOD for it.
    It was the hardest decision i have ever made!

  12. As soon as I heard Graham come out with that, I immediately said to myself, “that bastard is trying to blow the mid-terms.” I did just go to my opinion of him being a snake oil salesman, but now that you remind me of the timing, I totally agree that he did it to help his buddy Biden. Corruption has to stick with corruption. Yes, someone needs to challenge him his next term.

  13. What would u expect, from another dam rhino, graham never knows, when to shut his pie hole, but this was no accident, or it was, and he is that stupid, to do this at the wrong time. Until this party gets rid of all rhinos,mcconnel.graham,mccarthy,collins,murkowski,and others in sheeps clothing. I won’t vote, and neither will alot of others, if these rhinos stay, where they are. See ya.

  14. I wonder how much money Graham is getting for doing this. Bet Soros and the other hacks are putting a bunch of money together to pay him off. He needs to be voted out of office. What a shame he is making. I liked him at one time, but not anymore, because he needs to enrich his pocket.

  15. You are all right, Graham got to go he has turned into a good for nothing RINO and so has M McConnell he needs to be gone to. Can’t wait for election day Graham will not get my vote.

  16. Graham has always demonstrated his traits as a self-serving RINO, BUT the reality is he’s he’s another shill, like Romney and McConnell, for the Establishment “pubs” and a card-carrying pawn of the Deep State. If Mitch stops too fast, Graham ts going to have a poopy nose !

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